7 Easy Ways To Clean Your Child’s Play Area


7 Easy Ways To Clean Your Child’s Play Area

By : Kate Windle
Do you feel overwhelmed whenever you have to clean your child’s playroom, which always tends to be messy? Children love to stay active and have fun learning new things in their playroom, but it can create a lot of clutter. While supporting their creative freedom is necessary, you must encourage them to clean up after themselves and keep their toys and books organised in the play area. Besides this, it is also important to regularly clean and sanitise your kid’s play area to prevent the spreading of diseases and infections. If you are tired of doing so, you can always hire reliable end of lease cleaning Sydney services to clean and organise your children’s play areas or follow the below 7 hacks to do this on your own:

1. Use Plastic Containers And Baskets To Organise Toys

To clean your kid’s play area, you must first clear the mess on the floor. You can do this by organising your kid’s toys in colourful baskets or clear plastic containers so your kids know which ones are in which container. You can also use double storage items like a stool with a storage box inside where you can place extra items or a trunk that can double up as a seating area. Tip Here are some ways you can maintain a clean house with kids.

2. Make Your Kids Pick Up And Clean Their Toys

Once playtime is over, you should teach your kids to put their toys back into the original containers. You can make it fun by timing them and rewarding the kid who cleans their toys first with a small treat. If your kid refuses to pick up their toys, you can place the toys in a toy time-out box so that they understand the importance of cleaning. End-of-lease cleaners in Sydney recommend that you can then ask them to do a small cleaning chore to get their toy back. This will help kids understand the importance of picking up their clutter and mess from a small age so that they can keep this habit.

3. Declutter To Prevent Accidents In The Play Area

Next, end-of-lease cleaning experts in Sydney recommend sorting through your kids’ toys and donating the items last used a while ago. You can donate these toys to a children’s hospital in Sydney or give these toys to a neighbour’s kid. You can also put the extra toys in your cupboard and keep rotating them so your child can never get bored. Decluttering extra items will also help clear the play area and prevent falls and accidents.

4. Clean And Sanitise Kids Toys With Organic Products

Now, you must clean and disinfect your kid’s toys daily because they touch them and put them in their mouth at times. Ensure you watch your children in the playroom to prevent them from ingesting a toy and choking. If your child has put a toy in their mouth, immediately remove it or call a doctor to help them. Ensure you also clean and sanitise the toy with natural ingredients like baking soda and vinegar as these are kid-friendly and will not release toxic fumes.

5. Place Fabric Toys In Your Washing Machine Every Week

Besides plastic toys, you must also wash and clean your kids’ fabric toys by placing them in your washing machine every week. End-of-lease cleaning professionals in Sydney recommend that you first read the label to see if it is safe to wash the toy in the machine and what products to use. Then, place the toy inside a pillowcase and use the gentle cycle to clean and disinfect your fabric toys.

6. Vacuum And Mop Surfaces To Remove Loose Dust

Since your kid uses your play area often, it is important to ensure no loose dust and grime on the floors. Thus, whenever your kids take a break or are having a nap, vacuum and mop the play area floors to get rid of all this loose dust. Use a steam cleaner to remove stubborn stains and spills, and use a vacuum with HEPA filters to eliminate germs and bacteria. This will keep your play area germ-free and clean and protect your kids from infections and allergies. Tip Here are some tips to also keep your kids’ rooms clean and sanitised.

7. Ventilate Your Kid’s Playroom To Promote Good Hygiene

Lastly, ensure your kids’ playroom has plenty of fresh air by opening the windows from time to time. This will prevent the growth of dampness and condensation that can cause mould spores. If your child breathes in these mould spores, it can trigger allergic reactions, skin infections and rashes. Thus, it is important to ventilate the room to prevent your kids from playing in stale indoor air that can attract harmful allergens and mould spores. Tip If your kids have allergies, here are some useful house cleaning tips for allergy sufferers.


The above tips will help you keep your child’s playroom clean and well-sanitised to prevent bacterial infections and allergies. Make sure you clean these rooms daily and wash all your kid’s toys to keep your children free from any harmful diseases.