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7 Myths About Disinfecting Busted By Cleaning Experts

7 Myths About Disinfecting Busted By Cleaning Experts
  • Hannah
  • Jan 05 2021
With hundreds of cleaning products available in the market, and practices that people follow, the information about disinfecting is confusing and misleading. If you want to get rid of the germs and harmful bacteria from your household surfaces, you should know about the genuine products and the best ways.

If you are following the myths about disinfecting, then you have failed to disinfect the household surfaces in an appropriate manner. Many people prefer to hire professionals who offer reliable end of lease cleaning in Sydney. They also carry out additional services that include thorough cleaning of the house.

They clean and disinfect every nook and cranny. If you want to perform the task on your own, it is essential to know the truth about products and practices. Then only you will be able to remove germs from your house and make it a healthier place.

Here are some myths about disinfecting busted by cleaning experts.

1. Cleaning and Disinfecting Are Same Things

A lot of people believe that cleaning and disinfecting are the same things, but as per the experts, it is just a myth. When you clean a surface or object, you remove the germs, dirt and impurities. On the other hand, when you disinfect, you kill the germs and bacteria right on the surface or object.

So, if you clean a household surface and think that you have successfully removed the germs, then you are making a mistake. Cleaning and disinfecting are two completely different procedures, and they both have their own significance. Do not get confused between these two things and disinfect your house by following the right way.

2. Vinegar Is Good For Disinfecting Purpose

White vinegar is one of the most common cleansing agents and widely used in almost every household. It can effectively remove dirt and grime from the inside of the oven, mirror, toilet, drain and so on. The acetic acid present in vinegar breaks down the stubborn dirt and make cleaning task effective and easier.

However, it won’t be useful to disinfect a surface or object. If you are using the vinegar for getting rid of germs, then you are just wasting it. You should only use white vinegar for cleaning and choose a disinfectant product to kill the germs.

3. Only Commercial Products Work Effectively

Another myth about disinfecting is that people firmly believe that only commercial products work effectively against germs and bacteria. You should not forget that almost every cleaning and disinfecting product available in the market are loaded with harmful chemicals. Therefore, a lot of people prefer to use eco-friendly products.

To get rid of germs, bacteria and virus from a surface, you can use hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol. These things are completely safe and as effective as commercial products. If you hire professionals who offer eco-friendly end of lease cleaning in Sydney or spring cleaning, you will see that they use such products to disinfect household surfaces.

4. Disinfectant Products Destroy Germs Instantly

It is usually considered that disinfectant products destroy germs instantly, but it is a myth that the cleaning experts have busted. No matter what products you use, disinfecting takes time. Therefore, you will find instruction on different products regarding how long you should allow the products to settle down on a surface or object.

So, it is essential that you read the instruction properly and use it accordingly. Different products work in a different manner, so you need to use the one that fulfills your requirements.

5. Disinfecting Without Cleaning Will Also Work

Several people also have a misconception that they can save their time by skipping the cleaning part and directly disinfecting a surface. It is a completely wrong approach and won’t give you the result you want. To clean a surface, you need both cleaning and disinfecting.

First, you need to get rid of as much germs as possible and then destroy the remaining germs right on the surface. If you disinfect a surface without cleaning the dirt then the germs, it will be meaningless.

6. Only Frequently Touched Spots Needs To Get Disinfect

People usually think that only frequently touched spots have germs and need to get disinfected. That is why people pay attention to the doorknobs, Light switches, handle of the cabinets and appliances like oven, microwave, dishwasher, etc.

You also need to remove germs from spots like kitchen countertop, phone, tabs, keyboard and mouse, car keys and so on. You can use a disinfectant wipe to remove germs from these surfaces. Rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide are other options that you can use.

7. The More Disinfectant Your Use, the More Effective It Is

Do you think that the more disinfectant solution you will use on a surface, the more effectively it kills the germs? You are completely wrong because as per the cleaning experts, it only requires a specific amount of solution to get the job done.

The excess amount of the solution is just wastage. In fact, it has a negative impact because these products have harmful chemicals. So the more you will use the more chemicals you will spread on your household surfaces. These harmful substances can lead to allergies and other health issues.


If you want to make you home a healthier place to breathe, then you need to get rid of the germs and bacteria. For that, you should have a good understanding of disinfecting and do not follow any misleading information.

The next time you plan to disinfect your home, keep in mind the myths mentioned above. If you want to save your time and want the result, hire trained end of lease cleaners in Sydney and opt for their additional service.