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8 Ways to Maintain and Prolong the Life of Your Carpet

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8 Ways to Maintain and Prolong the Life of Your Carpet
  • Hannah
  • Jan 15 2020
When it comes to decorating your home, the carpets play a pivotal role. It can single-handedly change the entire appearance of your room and instantly upgrade your style statement. And let’s not forget about the comfort it provides. It feels so nice to walk and sit on the carpets.

However, it can get quickly dirty, so it requires cleaning from time to time. Carpets are pretty expensive, so it is not easy to replace them every year. A little bit of care and preventive measures go a long way in extending the life of the carpets. To maintain the cleanliness, people often contact experts who perform end of lease cleaning in Sydney. But there are many more effective ways to maintain and prolong the life of your carpet. Have a look!

1. Know About Your Carpet

If you want to maintain and prolong the life of your carpet, first you need to know about your carpet. So, before you purchase a carpet, do some research about it. Talk to the manufacturer or the supplier and gather essential information about the carpet. You need to know whether the carpet you are buying has advanced micro-technology, which will provide higher resistance against dust, dirt, mould and stains.

The material of the carpet plays a vital role in deciding the life of the carpet. For instance, nylon carpets usually last longer in comparison to polyester fibred. There are also other materials like Olefin, Acrylic, Wool, Triexta, and so on. Different material has different cleaning treatment. So it is essential to know about your carpet.

2. Prevent the Dirt and Dust from Entering Your Home

Make every possible effort and apply smart tactics to ensure that your carpets get minimum exposure to the dirt and dust from outside. When people enter the home, they bring along dust and dirt in the shoes, which the carpet accumulates over time. This not only makes them dirty but also allow the germs and diseases to flourish. However, there are some smart ways to avoid this problem.
  • When you are entering your home, take off your shoe outside. As you remove the shoes, the carpets do not get quickly dirty, and that increases its lifespan.
  • You can also keep sturdy doormats that can pull all the dirt from your shoes.
  • Always remember to clean your dog’s feet after a walk. Use a wet piece of cloth to clean the outside dirt.

  • 3. Vacuum Your Carpet Regularly

    It is very important to clean your carpets at least twice every week. Your carpet might look clean, but the invisible dust, dirt and germs are always there. So, use your vacuum cleaner to maintain its cleanliness and extend its lifespan.

    When you are using the appliance, make sure that you are running it first horizontally and then vertically. This will allow the vacuum cleaner to pull the dust and dust in a better way. If you do not have one, rent it from any nearby hardware store in Sydney.

    4. Clean the Spills Immediately

    When it comes to carpet cleaning, one of the biggest mistakes that people make is not cleaning the accidental spills immediately. The moment you see a spill, start cleaning it. Always remember that the more time you allow the spills to settle down in the carpet, the more difficult it becomes to clean.

    Whether it is a coffee stain, red wine stain, bloodstain, ink stain or any food stain, try to remove it as soon as possible. Cleaning stains from the carpets can be a challenging task. So, if you are not aware of the right cleaning method, hire professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Sydney. They know how to deal with the worst stains.

    5. Avoid Commercial Cleaners to Clean Your Carpets

    The market is flooded with different types of commercial carpet cleaner. And people do not think about using them on their carpets. However, experts believe that you should try to avoid the use of such cleaners. This is because the commercial cleaners are loaded with hazardous chemicals, which is unsafe to the environment and your health.

    Not only that, but it also damages the carpet fibres and colour in the long run. Instead of commercial cleaners, use household cleaning ingredients like vinegar, lemon, baking soda, essential oil, etc. for the cleaning purpose. These are not only effective but also safe for your carpets.

    6. Hire Professional Cleaners

    One of the best ways to maintain and prolong the life of your carpet is to hire professional cleaners who offer high-quality end of lease cleaning in Sydney. They have experience, knowledge and advanced tools like steam cleaners. Cleaning your carpets is a daunting and time-consuming task.

    So, if you want to save your time and efforts, contact a professional company. They have expertise in dealing with all kinds of carpet problems. Thus, they provide the best possible solution. Before hiring professionals, do a little bit of research to hire the best professionals. To get the best result, contact the professionals every fortnight.

    7. Place Rugs or Mats in the High Traffic Areas

    Just like roads, our carpets also experience both high and low traffic at different places. The carpet areas that have high traffic includes doorways, beds, couches, and tables. If you lay down a mat where your feet rest most of the time – like during watching TV or sitting on your couch, it protects the carpet in a high traffic area.

    8. Rearrange Your Furniture From Time to Time

    If you have a fixed furniture arrangement in your home, it will be more likely to wear your carpet in some particular areas. In such an arrangement, a specific area experience more traffic and that also accumulate more dirt. To avoid this, rearrange your furniture from time to time and change the traffic pattern in your home. This helps them stay clean and thereby, the carpets will last longer than their expected life.


    The excellent ways mentioned above will keep your carpets look clean and beautiful year after year. While you can always do the basic cleaning of the carpets, it is advisable to opt for professionals for advance cleaning. Many reputed companies offer high-quality end of lease cleaning in Sydney. They have expertise in removing deep-seated dirt and dust and also restore the beauty and softness of the carpet.