House cleaning can be an overwhelming and daunting exercise, but with our cleaning tips, you can turn into an effortless task. We have the best DIY cleaning hacks which will make your home shine up. So go ahead and start reading our blogs to learn more about these simple procedures.

Can You Do an End-of-Tenancy Clean Yourself?

The capital of New South Wales is Australia’s most expensive city. It is ranked as the 15th most expensive city in the world. The more interesting statistic is that the median price in Sydney for a house rose by 16.4 per cent to $1,245,000 by March 2022. There is no denying that NSW’s house market […]
By : Kate Windle

How To Clean Sink With Baking Soda

Did you know that most of your store-bought cleaning products contain over 62 chemicals? When you use these chemicals in your home, they release air-borne synthetic fumes, which cause severe respiratory systems like asthma when you inhale them. Besides this, these chemicals can also irritate your skin and cause allergic reactions and diseases. To avoid […]
By : Kate Windle

Rights and Duties of Landlord and the Tenant

Since a lease agreement is a legally binding contract, there are different rights & duties of the landlord and the tenant outlined by the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 in Sydney (NSW) to protect the interests of both parties. These obligations and rights allow the lessee/lessor to follow the correct code of conduct for a smooth […]
By : Kate Windle

Which Cleaning Products Can Remove Foul Odour?

Identifying the sources of bad smell can be difficult, especially if you regularly sweep and mop your house. It could be from anything-mouldy surfaces, pet stains, clogged garbage disposal, mudroom, smelly closet, dirty bed sheet, etc. You can banish foul odours from your home with the right products. Instead of using chemically-laden products, you can […]
By : Kate Windle

9 Cleaning Products That Are Safe for Your Pets

Do you love cleaning your home but want to do it in a pet-friendly and eco-friendly manner? Having a pet at home is one of the best things, and you don’t want to risk using a product that will harm your pet’s health. That is why it is better to use safe and natural cleaning […]
By : Kate Windle