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Cleaning Tips

House cleaning can be an overwhelming and daunting exercise, but with our cleaning tips, you can turn into an effortless task. We have the best DIY cleaning hacks which will make your home shine up. So go ahead and start reading our blogs to learn more about these simple procedures.

young woman wiping a kitchen surface with a cloth mop

How To Spruce Your Kitchen Before Moving?

  • Hannah
  • 16 September 2021

Deep cleaning your kitchen for the last time before moving out can be a tedious task. From built-up grease between the stovetop to clogged garbage...

Tips For Budget Friendly End Of Lease Cleaning

  • Hannah
  • 10 September 2021

End of the lease cleaning is one of the time-taking and challenging tasks, especially if you are doing it without any professional assistance. A spick-and-span...

young woman holding a brush and spray bottle posing for a picture
cropped picture of a professional disinfecting a surface

9 End Of Lease Cleaning Secrets Only Professional Cleaners Know

  • Hannah
  • 7 September 2021

When tenants move out of the rental property, they have to deal with several difficult tasks. However, the most challenging task is to clean up...

How To Unclog Any Drain In Your Home

  • Hannah
  • 24 August 2021

A clogged drain is often overlooked as a small issue until it becomes a massive problem. Blocked pipes can not only lead to slow water...

young woman trying to unclog a drain
cropped picture of a person moping the floor

How To Clean Grout & Grime Between Floor Tiles

  • Hannah
  • 19 August 2021

Grout lines can attract dust, dirt and grime quickly and easily. Dirt-laden grout lines can make your floor tiles look dull and dingy. Of course,...

How To Deep Clean Your Fridge

  • Hannah
  • 10 August 2021

The refrigerator is one of the most used kitchen appliances in the home. However, it is also one of the most overlooked areas when it...

young professional sprucing up a FRIDGE