Does Bond Clean Include Windows And Oven


Does Bond Clean Include Windows And Oven

By : Kate Windle
Are you at the end of your tenancy in Sydney? As tenants or renters, you must return your rented property to its original state before moving out. This is one of the crucial aspects that can help you decide the fate of your hard-earned deposited security.

According to residential rental laws in NSW, landlords or property managers have the right to hold back a part of your bond money if you breach the rental agreement or hand over the property in a dirty condition.

Thus, hiring professionals for an affordable end of lease cleaning Sydney is the best thing to do when moving out of your rented properties. You can ask relevant questions and ask whether windows and ovens are included in a bond clean before making the final decision.

It is because these are the most overlooked spots, and most landlords withhold bond money due to grimy windows or greasy and stained ovens.

Here is a complete guide to help you know bond cleaning inclusions and whether these two spots are covered in the service.

Why Do You Need a Professional Bond Clean/End of Lease Clean Service?

Preparing a rental property before the final inspection requires precision, expertise and proper skills. Professionals leave no stone unturned to give you desired cleaning outcomes because they have years of cleaning experience, right cleaning strategies, an approved REINSW-approved checklist and all the necessary supplies to get the job done without giving you a hint of stress.

Here are some of the reasons of hiring professional end of lease cleaners Sydney:

1. Tackles Stubborn Stains and Grime With Ease

It can be difficult for you to remove accumulated dust, dirt and greasy stains from soft and hard surfaces without proper techniques. Professionals know how to remove oil spills, food splatters, grease, built-up dirt, and grime using the right set of tools and products.

You can also learn useful tips to clean before moving into a newly built home. Make sure you follow the right hacks and get rid of stains and grime with ease.

2. Helps You Get Full Bond Back

One of the key reasons of hiring trained cleaners is that they can help you get the full bond back by sprucing up the entire property. They follow the REINSW-approved cleaning checklist which includes rooms, hard-to-reach spots and other important areas. The best part is that they will also disinfect kitchen hot spots to prevent the spread of germs before the rental inspection.

Some good companies also offer free re-clean service if you are not happy with their cleaning.

3. Save you Time and Energy

Moving out of a rental property is a time-taking process. When you  book experts, they will handle all the cleaning chores and you can use that time to pack your items or do other important tasks related to your move. They also save you energy by doing all the scrubbing tasks on their own.

4. Reduces the Chances of Rental Conflicts

Most of the rental conflicts happen due to half-baked cleaning. A professionally-trained company will clean every nook and cranny according to the customised checklist and impress your fussy landlord. You can also resolve rental disputes via the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal and get your bond back.

Does Windows Include in Bond Clean?

Windows are usually included in a thorough end of lease cleaning Sydney. Trained cleaners come fully equipped with all the latest tools and products to remove built-up grime, dust, stains and gunk from your window glass, sills, frames, edges and tracks. A bond cleaning also includes vacuuming blinds and removing dust from curtains and other window treatments.

A microfiber cloth removes dust and debris from your window screen and sills. They use a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner to get into nooks and crannies, like window tracks. After that, vinegar and warm soapy water are applied to the windows and tracks to loosen up stubborn stains.

After leaving it for a few minutes, end of lease cleaners wipes the surface of your windows using a clean cloth. An old toothbrush is used to scrub the gunk off tracks and sliding doors. The last step is to run a squeegee to achieve streak-free results.

Windows are an important part, and that’s why professionals pay special attention and let you pass the inspection with ease. If accessible, they will clean your outside windows using simple steps and leave no streaks behind.

However, they will clean the windows inside and outside if they are accessible. You need to hire professional window cleaners if windows are located at a height.

Does Oven Include in End of Lease Clean?

Landlords thoroughly inspect the kitchen and pay attention to your kitchen appliances, especially the oven because it is one of the most used kitchen appliances in a home.

A grimy or dirty oven can breed lethal germs and bacteria, leading to various foodborne illnesses. That’s why companies include an oven in a bond cleaning service. It is an important aspect in getting your bond back.

Professionals take out the grills or racks and wash them in hot and soapy water. The inside of your appliance is wiped off with vinegar and a damp cloth. Baking soda is also used to remove gunk, germs and bad odours.

However, quote separately if you need a detailed oven or BBQ cleaning service in Sydney.

Wrapping Up

Windows and ovens are an integral part of a rental property. If you want to get your bond back without any conflict, hire a company that covers these two items in a cleaning checklist. You can also clear your doubts by asking relevant questions related to the bond cleaning inclusions and exclusions before making any decision.