House Cleaning guide for Allergy Sufferers


House Cleaning guide for Allergy Sufferers

By : Kate Windle
Are you suffering from dust allergies like hay fever, cold, flu or asthma? Regular house cleaning can help you eliminate common household allergens, dust particles, germs, pollen and other invisible guests. Dusting hard surfaces, vacuuming carpets and rugs, and killing mould can reduce many allergy triggers and help relieve your symptoms. Many people make silly mistakes and apply cleaning solvents directly on dust-laden surfaces. This can make your allergy worse. Hiring cleaning professionals who can bring their experience and help you create a clean, dust-free, healthy indoor environment is always better.  They can reduce indoor air pollution by dusting every nook and cranny. It is good to book professionals for a detailed end of lease cleaning Sydney if you are preparing the rental property for the final inspection. They follow a proven method and use quality products to give you sparkling results at the best price. If you or someone in your family is an allergy sufferer, minimise allergens and pollen by following the DIY house cleaning guide:

1. Regular Dusting is Important

Clean your house regularly if you want to keep allergens at bay. In today’s hectic schedule, it becomes difficult to manage time for deep cleaning and dusting chores. So, the best thing you can do is to set your daily routine and spend 20-30 minutes on quick cleaning. You can remove accumulated dust and grime from hard surfaces to eliminate allergy triggers. You can deep clean your house once a week. This will make things super easy for you. Make sure you cover dust-laden areas such as tabletop, chair handles, window sills, light switches, walls, etc.

2. Use Microfiber Cloths

Removing dust can be challenging as it spreads in the air and settles on surfaces like sofa, carpets and rugs. So, it is important to use specialised tools to make your work easier. Instead of using a feather duster, use a microfiber cloth because it is super absorbent and works wonders in eliminating dust particles, allergens, pollen and other debris from hard as well as soft surfaces. You can buy microfiber cloths and use them multiple times because they are reusable and super affordable. The best part is that damp microfiber cloths won’t spread the dust further and prevents you from potential allergy symptoms. This is one of the simple and easy cleaning tips for beginners that can help you maintain a clean abode.

3. Get Rid of Clutter

Is your home packed with piles of clothes or boxes? This can accumulate dust particles, pests and other unwanted allergens. Get rid of clutter if you want to maintain a clean and hygienic indoor environment. You can do this room by room and achieve desired results. Toss broken, empty and ripped items. Donating pre-loved household items, such as blankets, clothing, and electronics, to the local charity in Sydney is an excellent way to help disadvantaged people.

4. Vacuum Your Carpets Properly

First of all, purchase a vacuum machine that has a HEPA filter. It can help fetch tiny allergens and dust particles embedded deep inside the fibres of carpets, rugs and upholstery furniture. Make sure you vacuum your carpets once or twice a week. Don’t forget to remove carpet stains using safe and sound methods. Blotting with a damp cloth can help you get rid of stubborn stains. Use white vinegar and warm soapy water to get rid of tough stains like grease, spills, splatters and mould. It is a pet-safe cleaning product that can help you clean your home like a pro. Make sure you hire professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney to spruce up your rental property. They will vacuum your carpets, rugs, blinds, and upholstery furniture.

5. Kill Mould From Your Bathroom

Do not forget to inspect your bathroom and remove mould and mildew from the tiles, floors, curtains and other damp and dark areas. Use hydrogen peroxide to scrub the surface. You can use a tool like a toothbrush or a scrubber to achieve desired outcomes.

6. Wash Bedsheets in Hot Water

The bedsheets may reside dust particles and dead skin cells that can trigger your asthma or other allergy symptoms. Make sure you soak your bed sheets in hot water. This will kill dust mites and other allergens without giving you a hint of stress. Clean the pillow covers and other bed linens in hot water thrice a month for germ-free results.

7. Clean the Driveways and Entryways

Sweep the entryway and driveway to keep the dust at bay. Also, encourage everyone to keep their shoes outside the house on a shoe rack. This won’t bring spoil, dust and pollen inside your house.

8. Window Blinds and Curtains

Window treatments, blinds and curtains tend to collect small dust particles and allergens that can pollute the indoor air if not cleaned properly. If you want to keep allergens at bay, vacuum your blinds or wipe them using a microfiber cloth. Wash your dirty curtains in hot water and kill germs and bacteria as well.


This is a complete house cleaning guide that will help you learn the best ways to spruce up the house for allergy sufferers. If you can reduce the accumulation of dust, allergens and pollen using safe and sound products. If you are at the end of your tenancy, hire professional end of lease cleaning Sydney for a stress-free retrieval of your bond money.