How to Prevent Cleaning Disputes at the end of Tenancy?


How to Prevent Cleaning Disputes at the end of Tenancy?

By : Kate Windle
Nothing can be more stressful than moving out of a tenancy. The most challenging part is performing a thorough end-of-lease cleaning and returning the premises in a reasonably clean condition.

According to the NCAT (New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal), rental conflicts have increased due to cleaning. There were more than 1,000 applications logged with them related to cleaning disputes last year.

Many tenants fail to clean the rental property according to the set standards, and landlords have the right to hold a part of the bond money to cover cleaning expenses. That’s one of the reasons why the demand for professional end of lease cleaning in Sydney has increased in the past five years.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you prevent cleaning disputes at the end of Tenancy. Make sure you maintain a clean and well-organised property when moving out.

Before and During the Tenancy: How to Prevent Cleaning Disputes?

Be a responsible tenant by knowing your rights, duties and responsibilities regarding cleaning.

1. Thoroughly Read Your Tenancy/Lease Agreement

It is always good to read your lease agreement carefully before making the final decision.

It is a binding document that outlines the details of a lease, tenant’s responsibilities, cleanliness requirements and standards, rights and duties.

There is a high chance that your landlord has a different standard for cleanliness. Therefore, you should read the agreement carefully and sign it.

According to NSW’s tenancy laws, tenants must maintain a clean and organised property throughout their lease. They are also responsible for a meticulous end of lease cleaning Sydney.

2. Take Photos of a Rental Property When Moving-in

Do not forget to check the entry condition report at the start of your lease. You can take photos and videos of a property and use them as evidence in case of a dispute due to cleaning.

It can help you know what is dirty or damaged before you move in because tenants are not responsible for existing damages and stained surfaces.

3. Clean the Rental Property Regularly

Regular dusting, mopping and vacuuming can prevent the accumulation of dust, dirt, stubborn stains and grime. This will also make it super easy to clean the premises at the end of the Tenancy and prevent unwanted disputes.

When you regularly clean walls, fans, kitchen appliances and bathroom surfaces, it will keep the property in good condition throughout your lease.

Plus, it helps you detect damages or mould growth immediately so that you can fix the issue before the final move-out.

Things to Remember At the End of Tenancy

It is important to perform a thorough end of lease cleaning Sydney to avoid cleaning disputes and get your full bond back.

1. Check the Entry Condition Report

Make sure you check the entry condition report filled when moving into the property. Compare it with the current condition and clean the dirt-laden areas. It is good to check all nooks and crannies without missing out on important spots.

2. Consider the REINSW-approved Checklist

If you want to prevent cleaning disputes, make sure you clean up the property according to the standard checklist approved by REINSW.

It covers everything, including:

  • A living room
  • Kitchen areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Patio area
  • Garage walls, etc
  • Clean according to the checklist and save your precious time without getting into any chaos.

    3. Tackle Visible Dirt and Dust From Surfaces

    End of lease or vacate cleaning is more intense and comprehensive. Make sure you follow a top-to-bottom method and start by removing dust from vents, ceiling fans, walls, shelves, and blinds and make your way down towards door tracks and floors.

    Use a microfiber cloth to trap dust particles, pet dander, pollen and other allergens because it is super-absorbent.

    4. Do not Forget Dirty Windows

    Most rental disputes happen due to dirt-laden and streaky windows at the end of a tenancy. If you want to pass your rental inspection,  wash your windows by removing dust, stains and grime from your window sills, tracks, frames and panes.

    First, remove dust from the sills using a vacuum cleaner. Wipe down the window glass with a dry cloth. To tackle stains, spray vinegar solution and run a squeegee to avoid streaks. This can also help you impress your fussy landlord.

    5. Pay Attention to Your Carpets

    Dust and dirt-laden carpets can also hold back a part of your bond money. Therefore, it is important to vacuum your delicate floor coverings using a brush attachment.

    After that, you can tackle stubborn stains by blotting them with a cloth dampened in a vinegar solution.

    6. Remove Stains and Grime From Kitchen Appliances

    Do not forget to clean your oven, microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher inside and outside before the final move-out.

    Instead of using harsh chemicals, use vinegar, baking soda and lemon to get rid of caked-on grime, built-up grease and food splatters from your appliances and keep potential foodborne illness at bay.

    7. Complete Bathroom Cleaning

    Make sure you thoroughly clean all the bathroom surfaces, including showerhead, shower glass doors, curtains, bathtubs, toilet seat, counter, faucets and tile grouts.

    Also, disinfect contaminated surfaces, including your toilet bowl, sink and faucets, to keep harmful germs at bay.

    8. Hire Professionals

    This is the best way to prevent cleaning disputes when moving out of a rental property. Make sure you find best professionals that specialises in expert end-of-lease cleaning in Sydney, to help you get your full bond back without any hassle.

    They bring a standard checklist, cover important spots and leave no signs of stains and grime.

    Wrapping Up

    Avoiding cleaning disputes is crucial to securing the hard-earned bond money. Follow these tips and tricks to maintain a clean, shiny and organised rental property at the end of the Tenancy and pass the final inspection without any dispute.