How To Use Magic Eraser For Cleaning?


How To Use Magic Eraser For Cleaning?

By : Kate Windle
Do you have grease stains on your stovetops and are wondering how to remove them? In such cases, a magic eraser comes in handy as the powerful abrasive nature of this cleaning foam can wipe away even the toughest grease and dirt stains from surfaces. The best part is that you can use the foam dry as it is or wet it a little to enhance its cleaning strength, and you do not need to add any toxic cleaning agents.

Magic erasers are also widely recommended by the cheap end of lease cleaning Sydney services to spruce up your home’s corners and remove stains and dirt. You can use magic erasers to clean grout from your tiles, remove mould, eliminate fingerprints and marks and deep clean stains in no time. Here are some of the varied ways you can use magic erasers for cleaning your home.

What Are Magic Erasers Made Of

Magic erasers are foam cleaners made of a nitrogen-rich base called melamine. These melamine foam erasers have tiny air pockets shaped like upside triangles that can hold onto grease and dirt stains and remove them easily.

How Do Magic Erasers Work

When you move the magic eraser across a stain, the tips of the triangles are hard and abrasive enough to catch the dirt and grime. This dust then sticks to the tip and is absorbed by the melamine foam, and clears the stain easily. When you wet the sponge, the foam particles can absorb dirt more easily, thus making it more effective in removing hard stains.


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How To Use Magic Erasers For Cleaning

Due to their abrasive and powerful nature, magic erasers in Sydney are widely used by end-of-lease cleaning services to deep clean homes and remove marks off walls, grease off stove tops and more.

Initially, magic erasers were thought to contain the poisonous chemical formaldehyde. But after research, it was found that magic erasers contain “formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite”, which was unrelated to the chemical and only had a similar name. Thus, magic erasers are non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaners for your home as they contain no added detergents or surfactants.

Here is how you can use magic erasers to clean your home:

1. Always Spot-Test The Eraser Before You Start Cleaning

Before you start scrubbing your stains off, it is important to spot-test your magic erasers so that it does not end up damaging the surfaces. Since it is abrasive, it is best to avoid using magic erasers on glossy, super-delicate or wooden surfaces as it could end up scratching the finish of these surfaces.

2. Wet The Magic Sponge And Wring Out The Extra Water

It is best to wet your magic eraser to make it more effective for tough stains like grease spots on ovens and to remove household mould on tiles and ceilings.

Professional end-of-lease cleaners in Sydney recommend dipping the sponge in water and then patting the sponge between your hands to remove any extra water which will prevent it from crumbling and make it last longer. You can also cut up the magic eraser into small pieces to keep using the different pieces for your cleaning purposes.

3. Use Force To Wipe Off Stains With The Magic Eraser

You should then use a little elbow grease to scrub rust and mould off your shower doors and tiles and clear all the dirt before rinsing the area. For lighter stains, you can wipe off the stains with a magic eraser and wash the area with water.

4. Remove Stuck-Food Debris From Your Microwave

One of the best ways to use a wet magic eraser for cleaning is to scrub your microwave doors and insides to remove stuck-on food debris and stains. Just wet the sponge, remove the excess water, scrub away the loose bits of food and grime, and then rinse the area with water. If the food bits still do not come off, loosen the stubborn stains with lemon juice or vinegar and scrub them off with the magic eraser.

5. Get Rid Of Mould And Mildew From Your Floor Tiles

You can also put in a little bit of elbow grease and scrub mould and mildew from your floor tiles, but wear gloves and a mask as mould spores can be toxic and allergic if inhaled. Ensure you scrub your tiles gently, or you could damage the surface.

6. Remove Fingerprints And Marks From Your Walls

One of the most effective uses of a magic eraser is to remove stains and marks from your walls, as it wipes them off easily without damaging the paint. Professional end-of-lease cleaning services in Sydney recommend first testing the eraser on the spot on the wall and then wiping the marks and fingerprints off.

You can also dab a small drop of rubbing alcohol on your eraser and wipe off tough ink and pencil marks from your walls.

7. Get Rid Of Stains From Your Leather Couches And Upholstery

Magic erasers are powerful tools that can easily brighten up and remove leather stains from your couches and upholstery. You can dry brush the area with your magic eraser and easily watch the stains come off.


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8. Blot Clothing Stains With A Magic Eraser

Lastly, you can remove ketchup and coffee stains by rinsing the cloth with water and then blotting the stain with a magic eraser. Remember you must not rub the stain, or it will get more embedded in the cloth, and lightly blot it to remove it.


Thus, magic erasers are powerful natural substances that can be used around your home in various ways, including removing stains from walls, getting rid of mould, brightening up your sofa and upholstery and making your microwaves look brand new. It is important to test it first on a corner to see that it will not scratch or damage the surface.