Pre-Christmas Cleaning Checklist by Expert Cleaners


Pre-Christmas Cleaning Checklist by Expert Cleaners

By : Kate Windle
Christmas is one of the biggest holidays in Australia, celebrated on 25th December. It is a time for lights, delicious food and festivities for family, friends and other guests, and inviting them to a messy home is embarrassing.

Therefore, cleaning the house a few weeks before the festival is essential to make it inviting and organised. People moving during the holidays should hire professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney to speed the process and enjoy festivities without a hitch.

However, tidy your house with this pre-Christmas cleaning checklist by expert cleaners. It will help streamline your tasks and ensure you and your home are ready for the festivities.

Remove Cobwebs & Dust

Start by removing cobwebs and dust bunnies from lights, fans and hard-to-reach fixtures. Use a microfiber duster with telescopic and adjustable handle to reach corners and higher areas.

Additionally, wipe furniture, windows, electronics, and high touch points with microfiber cloths and towels. Move top to bottom like a professional end of lease cleaner in Sydney to prevent recontamination of clean spots.

Deep Clean the Kitchen

Since you must prepare Christmas feasts, ensure proper hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen. Here’s what you must do.

  • Wash the stove, oven, microwave, sink and dishwasher.
  • Declutter and clean the cabinetry
  • Clean small appliances, including their buttons and handles
  • Scrub and wash the tiles and grouts.
  • Unclog and disinfect drains
  • Wipe countertops
  • Sanitise & Disinfect Bathroom

    After the kitchen, the bathroom is the dirtiest area in the house. You must deep clean it, as your guests will also use it.

  • Apply toilet, sink, showerhead and bathtub cleaner.
  • In the meanwhile, wipe mirrors, cabinets, countertops and glass surfaces
  • Scrub and wash the toilet and other fixtures
  • Wipe tiles and wash the floor
  • Disinfect all surfaces and fixtures
  • Spruce the Living Room

    Make your living room presentable by decluttering and organising it first. It is necessary because your guests will spend the most time here. Listed below are other things you must do.

  • Remove things that belong to other rooms
  • Keep items of the living parallel & perpendicular to the wall or each other.
  • Also, vacuum upholstery, furniture, curtains and every nook and cranny
  • Wash cushions, pillow covers, table covers etc.
  • Wash Windows

    Your guests will see windows upon arrival at your home. Moreover, entry points inside your homes must also be dirt, spots and stains-free. Thus, wash the window panes, tracks and frames. Use a mild homemade cleaner made with water, vinegar and dishwashing liquid.

    Spot clean walls & wipe baseboards

    Walls & baseboards don’t get dirty like floors, but they get scuff marks, dust, and spills.

    Therefore, cleaning them is quick if you use the right techniques and products, like the professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney. Most spots and stains on walls and baseboards are easy to remove with baking soda and mild soap. Thus, avoid using excessive elbow grease.

    Polish Silverware and Glassware

    If you have special crockery to serve Christmas dinner or lunch, make sure they are clean and shiny. For brightening silverware, apply toothpaste on a brush or sponge, then scrub in a circular motion. It’s a professional technique that cleaners who offer professional end of lease cleaning Sydney use to agitate build-up and make removing it easier.

    Afterwards, wash and dry the silverware with water and a terry towel. Wash glassware with vinegar and water to remove cloudiness, streaks, smudges etc.

    Sort The Decorations

    Hoarding twinkling lights, trinkets, socks, and other Christmas decorations as usual. However, you must eliminate broken, old and worn items to sort your existing collection. Additionally, you can free space in your home and make room for new decorations.

    Vacuum Carpets

    Carpets accumulate dust, dirt and stains fast and look unpleasant. To freshen carpets in your home and ensure they smell nice, sprinkle baking soda on the fixtures, then vacuum them thoroughly after 30 minutes.

    Sweep & Mop floors

    Make sure to sweep and mop the floors before your guests arrive. You can use a commercial floor cleaner or make one at home with vinegar, water, essential oils and a detergent.

    Prepare The Guest Bedroom

    If you have family or friends staying at home for a few days, ready the guest bedroom. Wash the bedding, vacuum the carpets and clean the cabinetry. Additionally, keep fresh toiletries, towels and blankets. Dust and clean the room daily to keep it neat and tidy.


    Keeping your house clean is crucial for living a healthy life. However, you must do it before the holidays to make it warm, welcoming and presentable.

    Additionally, decorating a tidy home is easier and faster, which is why use this pre-Christmas cleaning checklist by expert cleaners. If you vacate a rental property, hire end of lease cleaners in Sydney to deep clean the property and get your bond back in full.