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Whether you are in need of a professional vacate cleaning or spring cleaning, Bond Cleaning Sydney is readily available to assist in chores which can become time consuming and overwhelming. We provide a range of specialised and licensed cleaning services which ensure that your property will be sanitised and all set to be used by your family members.

End Of Lease Cleaning Sydney

We are one of the leading bond cleaning companies in Sydney. Our cleaners are experienced in cleaning several types of residential and commercial properties with perfection. You can rest assured about our services as we put in extra effort to get the bond money back (Ts and Cs apply). Our team of experienced and trained cleaners ensures that all the crevices and oft-forgotten areas are cleaned to your satisfaction. We bring our own cleaning products and equipment to carry out the jobs. All our team members are courteous, fully insured and police verified. We bring our own cleaning products and equipment to carry out the jobs.

Beautiful young woman standing with a bucket full of bottles and rags
Spring Cleaning

Is your house in dire need of a professional spring cleaning session? No need to panic as Bond cleaning Sydney is here to help. You can rely on us for doing an immaculate job within your budget. We design a customised cleaning checklist for you and clean every surface and space of the property as per your instructions. So if your house is in a mess then give us a call now and enjoy a stress free day!

Office Cleaning Sydney

Want to tidy up your office for the next important meeting or maybe you're looking for an end of lease cleaning for your office? You have come to the right place. We are professional office cleaning experts who understand the needs of a commercial space. We use the best cleaning products to provide you with unrivaled service. Our in-depth knowledge coupled with exceptional skills get excellent results every time. Our profound and proven methods create a fresh, hygienic and happy working environment.

Oven & BBQ Cleaning

Our team of cleaners is adept at cleaning oven & BBQ's at affordable prices. We use eco-friendly products (non-caustic and rust-free) while cleaning the appliances to secure your family’s health. We scour the oven and BBQ on-site without leaving any mess behind. All the unwanted grease, grime and carbon deposits are removed making the appliances ready for immediate use. So call us at 02 9052 5771 and book the clean up today to suit your schedule.

Carpet Cleaning

Regular use of carpets can lead to dust build up, the growth of moulds, mites and staining. These problems are difficult to hide as well as clean. No amount of vacuuming helps to achieve the desired results. That is why you must hire a professional carpet cleaning service in Sydney to keep your rugs spotless and shining like brand new. All our products are chemical free and do not harm the texture, form or colour of the carpets.

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Customised Cleaning Solutions Which Will Make Your Property Shine!
What Our Clients Have To Say

Very happy with the end result. There was a lot to do and they did it with no hassles, very professional service.

Luke Smith

Yasser was very approachable and provided an excellent service. All rooms and curtains were cleaned as per Agent's expectations and had very less amount of re-work to be done. Yasser ensured to provide a high quality of service. I am very happy to have booked with BCIC for my cleaning. Thank you Yasser for the wonderful service provided.

Gana Sundararaman

Cleaning service was very thorough. Owner was very happy after a nearly 7 year lease, everything was cleaned and approved for full bond refund. Cleaners were very thorough in there application though needed a lot of help to access the address (I spent half an hour over text and in person direction to get them to the house).

Elese Barrymore

Great and speedy clean. Was very easy for the cleaner to come back and rectify any issues.

Rachel Spain

Professional, efficient, friendly staff and we got our full bond back.

Aleisha Balzer

Booked with late notice, cleaner went through all the spots the landlord wanted addressed, got our bond back and agent was pedantic

Tina Higgins

Good communication from start of job to finish with regular updates. Agent didn't raise any issues after final inspection.


Thank you

Peter Lepic

Thank you so much for your work and amazing coordination in the planning of job, 5 star service! :)

Krystal Filovski

Cleaner was great

Ciaran Hale
a cleaner with beard standing in white shirt and green apron
Skilled Staff

Our teams have the current national police check certificate and undergo exhaustive training.

Highly Recognised

We have become the preferred choice of property owners and real estate agents across Sydney.

Proactive Services

Our teams are fully equipped to carry out the task and proactively cover all the surfaces & spaces.


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