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Step By Step Guide To Get Your Rental Bond Back In Sydney

Step By Step Guide To Get Your Rental Bond Back In Sydney
  • Hannah
  • Feb 15 2021
With beautiful beaches, green parks and forests, museums, world-renowned architectural buildings and breathtaking views, Sydney ranked as one of the best places to live in the world.

People all around the globe are moving to this lively city of New South Wales to discover promising employment options and high-standard lifestyle. Apart from buying a new house, the residential rental market is in great demand.

People are more into rental properties in well-established areas.  You can easily find leased accommodation along with high-end amenities within your estimated budget. It is one of the best options across Australia.

However, you need to follow some rules and responsibilities throughout your tenancy. Make sure you clear all your doubts before signing the lease agreement. Most tenants end up losing their bond money at the end of the tenancy.

Cleaning is one of the major reasons behind the rental disputes, and that’s why it is good to hire professionals for a top-rated end of lease cleaning in Sydney. Apart from cleaning, there are various other reasons that can create obstacles.

If you are at the end of your tenancy, then consider the step-by-step guide to get your rental bond back in Sydney.

What is Bond Money?

Tenants pay a bond amount to a landlord or property manager after signing the lease agreement. You have to pay the amount so that the landlord can use it as financial protection if you breach the tenancy agreement.

At the end of your tenancy, the landlord will thoroughly inspect the property, and the fate of your security deposit will be determined.  If you both agree on the amount, you can fill the form and claim your bond back using your Rental Bonds Online account. This process will be discussed later.

What the Landlord may Claim for?

The landlord may claim from the bond money:

  • Repairs: if you or someone in your family has damaged the premises, the landlord has the right to deduct the amount from your bond.

  • Cleaning: if you have left important spots of the rental property dirty, the property agent can hire the professional cleaner using your deposited money.

  • Replacing locks or other security loopholes: If you have removed, altered or added these without the consent of the landlord.

  • Outstanding rents and bills.

  • So, here is a complete guide that will help you get your rental bond back without any dispute or conflict:

    1. Get the Repairs Done ASAP

    Tenants are not allowed to cause any damage to the rental property. They have to take care of every single aspect throughout the lease. That’s why it is important to inspect the property thoroughly before moving-in. This way you can fix only the damages done by you.

    According to the agreement, you have to fix it yourself before the final inspection. For example, if you break a window, fix it as soon as possible. Check all the rooms and look for broken doors, taps, etc and return the property in the same condition as you received it.

    2. End of Lease Cleaning is Must

    Do not forget to hire a professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney for a thorough sprucing of the rental premises. Trained cleaners will carry all the necessary equipment, REINSW-approved checklist and other tools to clean every nook and cranny so that you can claim your bond back.

    From ceiling fans to windows, walls to blinds, carpets to floors, everything will be cleaned like a pro. Apart from this, a kitchen and bathrooms will be spruced and disinfected using eco-friendly products.

    3. Pay All your Rent

    Pay all the outstanding bills and rent before moving out of the property. This way, the amount won’t be deducted from your bond money while vacating.

    4. Return All Keys

    Do not lose the keys of your rental property. Lost keys can decide the fate of your bond money. Make sure you return the set that were given at the start. In case you lose a key, get a spare one as soon as possible.

    5. Give a Notice Before Leaving

    If you are breaching the agreement or leaving the property early, you might lose your entire bond amount. The best thing is to notify your landlord in a written form within the given timeframe mentioned in your lease agreement.

    If you successfully pass the rental inspection, then you can submit a claim using your RBO account.

    How to Apply for Rental Bond Online?

    After submitting the claim, the landlord will receive a Notice directly in the email box, and you will receive your refund within 2 working days. So, here are the tips that can help you in getting the bond back:

  • Make sure you have RBO login ID and password.

  • First, select the ‘Apply online’ button.

  • Log in to your Rental Bonds Online account and fill up the details.

  • Select ‘Submit a Claim’ option and follow the instructions carefully.

  • You will receive an SMS code. Verify the claim.

  • In case you and the landlord are not agreeing upon the refund amount, then you can do the following things:

  • Submit your claim using RBO account.

  • The landlord has 14 days to apply for a hearing with the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal. If they don’t do this within 14 days, you will receive the refund amount.

  • The landlord can submit a claim, and you will receive an email ‘ Notice of Claim. You can either agree to the amount or inform Fair Trading that you have applied to NCAT for a hearing to get the amount.

  • If the dispute is unsolved, then the Tribunal will decide how the bond amount will be paid out.

  • Conclusion

    This is a complete guide that will help you secure the rental bond in Sydney. It includes tips, procedure and other important information that will make your bond retrieval journey as soothing as possible. For better results, make sure you hire the best company which specialises in a thorough end of lease cleaning in Sydney.