7 Ways To Keep Your Home Sparkling Clean This Christmas

a couple sprucing up their house after Christmas party

7 Ways To Keep Your Home Sparkling Clean This Christmas

By : Kate Windle

Christmas is around the corner, and it is the best time to prepare your house for the festive season. Make your home look sparkling clean before inviting your guests for the Christmas celebration.

Being a good host, giving safe, sound, and healthy indoor environment should be your topmost priority. So, make sure you spruce up every nook and corner, including the walls, windows, blinds, furniture, carpets and floors.

Whether you are preparing a house for a festival or moving out of a rental property, it is always good to hire professionals who can give you quality service at the best price.

If you are vacating from the leased house, consider hiring trained experts for the impeccable end of lease cleaning in Sydney. They will transform the entire premises to help you pass the final inspection.

In case you are preparing your house for the Christmas, then consider the following cleaning tips:

1. Clear up the Mess

Nothing can be more stressful than seeing a cluttered home just before the festive season. But, a thorough spruce up can give enough space for your beautiful Christmas tree and other decorations.

So, it is good to clear up all the clutter at least two weeks prior to the festival. You can inspect all the rooms and get rid of items you no longer need. This is one of the best ways to maximise your living space. You can either throw out the items or donate them to the local charity in Sydney if they are in good condition.

Do this before removing accumulated dust, dirt, stains and other grime to achieve sparkling results.

2. Clean from Top-to-Bottom

Getting rid of accumulated dust, allergens and other debris in a top-to-bottom order can enhance the overall look of your abode. It is good to begin from the top of your room. Wipe dust from your ceiling fan, walls, light fixtures, picture frames, cabinets, windows, blinds, baseboards, carpets and floors.

This is one of the best ways to streamline the entire cleaning process. It will save you a lot of time and energy so that you can cover all the areas without leaving dust behind.

Tip: Use microfiber cloths and mops because they are affordable, super-absorbent and the best cleaning tools.

3. Freshen up your Carpets

Christmas is one of the best excuses to get into the deep house cleaning process. You can transform the entire look and feel of your beautiful abode. Apart from walls, furniture and windows, make sure you clean and freshen up your carpets this festive season.

First, vacuum the carpet to get rid of dust particles, heavy soil, grime, pet hair, dead skin cells and other loose debris embedded deep inside the fabric. Use a brush attachment for better results.

To remove dried/tough stains, apply white vinegar, dishwashing soap and warm water solution on the affected surface. Blot the surface with a microfiber cloth to let the stain transfer from the carpet onto the white cloth.

If the smell still lingers, sprinkle two tablespoon baking soda on the carpet and leave it for a few hours before vacuuming. This will banish unpleasant odours and also kill germs and bacteria lurking on the floor coverings.

Tip: You always have an option to hire professional carpet cleaners in Sydney if your floor coverings need thorough service.

4. Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Do not forget to remove built-up grease, food splatters, oil stains and other grime from countertops, range hood, gas stove, sink and other surfaces of your kitchen. This Christmas you can impress your guests by showing off the sparking clean kitchen.

You can prepare a homemade cleaning solution to target grimy areas of your kitchen. Make sure you have the proper tools to clean sink, faucets and garbage disposal.

5. Pay Attention to your Kitchen Appliances

Apart from wiping countertops and sink, make sure you focus on your greasy oven, microwave and other kitchen appliances. Since you are going to prepare delicious delicacies, be sure your microwave, fridge and oven are in sparkling condition.

So, give your appliances thorough clean using safe and sound cleaning products, such as white vinegar, lemon, baking soda, etc. You can also hire professional Oven and BBQ cleaners in Sydney for the hassle-free experience.

6. Keep Your Windows Clean

Most people forget to spruce up their windows and blinds. If you want to represent your house in a clean condition, then achieve streak-free windows. Use the all-purpose cleaning agent to get rid of accumulated dust and built-up grime.

Use a squeegee to remove excess soap residue and water from the window glass. It is good to clean the windows inside and outside (if accessible).

7. Clean and Disinfect Your Bathroom

A sparkling home is incomplete without a clean and disinfected bathroom. Make sure you deep clean the important spots of your bathroom. Focus on shower screen, windows, exhaust fans, toilet seat, tiles, walls, counters, faucets and floors.

Use eco-friendly products and proper tools, like scrubbing brush, toilet cleaner, cleaning rags to bring back the lost shine of your bathroom.


Thorough cleaning of a house is one of the best ways to feel the vibes of Christmas. It is always good to welcome friends and family to a clean, organised and sparkling living space. Make sure you clean and polish the reflective surfaces and decorations, such as candlesticks and mirrors before the arrival of your guests.

In case you are moving out of a rental property, hire experienced people for an affordable end of lease cleaning in Sydney for the stress-free retrieval of your bond amount.