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10 Tips To Keep Your House Super Clean With Pets

10 Tips To Keep Your House Super Clean With Pets
  • Hannah
  • Dec 31 2020
Keeping your home perfectly clean is challenging, particularly when you have pets like dogs and cats. Cleaning the dirty footprints on your upholstery and comforter, removing the pet hair and eliminating pet urine from carpets can be very frustrating.

The worst part is that no matter how many times you clean your house, your pet can quickly turn it into a complete mess. So, you need to follow some tactics that can make the cleaning task easier, quicker and more effective for you.

Many pet owners prefer to hire a company that provides the best end of lease cleaning in Sydney. You can also contact the professionals and opt for additional services that include a thorough cleaning of the house.

It can remove all types of pet-related dirt and smell. Whether you are doing it on your own or hire professionals for dusting and vacuuming, you need to follow some guidelines to keep your home neat and clean.

Here are some useful tips that can help you to keep your house super clean with pets.

1. Remove Pet Accidents Immediately

Pet urine or vomit can leave behind a stubborn stain on your carpet and a bad smell. Therefore, you should clean up such an accident the moment you notice it. Cover the spots with a paper towel so that it can soak as much liquid as possible. Then you can apply liquid dish soap and hot water to clean the mess. To get rid of the bad smell, you can use baking soda or essential oil.

2. Wash Their Feet after Walk

When your pet, particularly dogs, return home from a walk, it brings along the mud, dirt as well as harmful bacteria. If you want to prevent the spread of germs and dirt in your home, wash their feet when they enter the house. It will save you from the stress and hassle of cleaning mud from upholstery, carpets and other such places.

3. Improve the Ventilation

Different household surfaces accumulate pet hair, their urine and other similar things. All these things produce a bad smell, which you cannot eliminate entirely by dusting and vacuuming the household surfaces. You also need to improve the ventilation of the house. So open the door and windows so that the fresh air can enter and remove the unwanted odour.

4. Brush Them Regularly

Your pet, particularly dogs, shed a lot of hair. Thus, you must make an effort to minimise the shedding. If you want to control the hair fall of your dog, brush them regularly. When you brush them daily, it removes the weak hair, improves the blood circulation and distributes the skin oil properly. As a result, your dog will shed less hair and your home with stay clean for a longer period.

5. Groom Pets From Time To Time

Like brushing, you also need to groom your dog from time to time. The professionals will trim the hair, remove the ticks and give them a proper wash. As a result, they will not stink and shed less hair. It improves their overall health and keeps your home clean.

6. Clean Your Carpets Regularly

You pets love to play on the carpets, and as a result of that, the rugs accumulate a lot of pet hair and urine. It can promote the growth of germs and mildew. Therefore, it is essential to vacuum it every alternate day. Dirty carpets can be a huge issue when you are moving out of the rental property.

To remove dirt and dust from your carpets perfectly, you can hire professionals who offer reliable end of lease cleaning in Sydney. Many reputed companies offer carpet cleaning service so you can opt for that.

7. Cover Their Favourite Spot

Pets prefer a particular spot inside the house to relax. It could be the corner of your bed, your upholstery, carpets and other similar places. These places accumulate a lot of dirt and pet hair. So, the best solution to this problem is to cover the spot with a rag can you can wash again and again.

8. Keep the Drains Unclogged

When you give your pet a bath, the loose hair will come off. If you allow the fur to move into the drain, then it will get blocked, and that can be a huge problem from the cleaning point of view. So, make sure that the bathroom drain is covered. Once you are done with the bathing of your pet, collect the hair from drain cover and throw into the garbage.

9. Use Vacuum Cleaner Instead of a Broom

To keep your home perfectly clean, you need the right tools. So, use a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom. When your floor and carpet are covered with pet hair and dirt, a broom might not be as useful as a vacuum cleaner. Therefore, you need to choose the right tool for all different household places.

10. Hire Professional Cleaners

One of the most effective and easiest ways is to keep your house super clean is by hiring professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney. They offer various services that can help you to keep your home neat and clean. The experts use their experience, skill and advanced tools to make sure you get the best possible result.

The Bottom Line

It is a great feeling to have a pet, and every owner would agree that how precious their pets are for them. However, it is also true that their presence makes the cleaning task more difficult. If you want to keep your home super clean with pets, then you must follow the tips mentioned here. These tips are very helpful and easy to follow.