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7 Questions To Ask From Your End Of Lease Cleaners Sydney

7 Questions To Ask From Your End Of Lease Cleaners Sydney
  • Hannah
  • Apr 13 2021
One of the biggest worries tenants have while leaving a rented property is cleaning adequately to get their bond back in full. According to New South Wales's residential tenancy laws, a lessee need to return a leased real estate in the same reasonably clean condition it was in at the time of occupancy.

If a tenant fails to do so, the landlord can deduct the amount required for hiring professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney for cleaning the house as per the original condition report. This amount is deducted from the bond, which can be up to four weeks of rent and lodged with NSW Fair Trading.

Avoid the stress of cleaning and secure your chances of getting a complete bond repayment by hiring professional bond cleaners in Sydney yourself. However, ask the following questions from the end of lease cleaners you are considering to make an informed decision and book reliable experts.

1. Are they ASIC-registered cleaners?

Australian Securities and Investments Commission is a government body registered under the 2001 ASIC Act. It regulates corporates, markets, financial services and consumer credit which is why it is essential cleaners you hire are listed with the body.

Businesses associated with the body are legally obligated to maintain their name, have a registered office, update ASIC on key changes, keep financial records etc. Thus, choosing end of lease cleaners in Sydney working for a registered company is a safer choice than cleaners who are unregistered or deregistered.

2. What is their industry work experience?

Training and skills are important, but many things professionals learn through experience and the more they have it, the better. Therefore, while selecting cleaners, always inquire about their cleaning industry work experience to get an idea of whether they are experts or newbies.

Choosing experienced end of lease cleaners in Sydney is ideal because they work according to an REINSW-approved checklist and know what landlord expect from bond cleans.

3. What are their service locations?

Not all cleaners providing excellent end of lease cleaning services in Sydney cover all of its suburbs. Therefore, it is necessary to ask which locations they cover for giving their bond cleaning and additional services.

Most reputed cleaners offer their assistance in some of the best suburbs in Sydney, such as Croydon, Baulkham Hills, Concord West, Annadale, Strathfield, Erskineville, and more.

4. What services do they offer?

Some professionals specialise in a specific service, while others can render multiple services. If you want carpet cleaning, blinds cleaning, pest control and various other services along with end of lease cleaning in Sydney, it would be best to hire cleaners who can provide diverse solutions.

Before asking for a free quote and booking the professionals, always ask what services they offer to ensure you have the required assistance to get your bond back in full.

5. What are their booking, refund, rescheduling, and cancelling policies?

Policies differ from company to company, which is why you need to ask this question from all the cleaners you are considering. Choose end of lease cleaning professionals who offer the option for advance booking and refund of booking amount upon cancellation.

Most reputed companies have policies for refunds within a stipulated time which can be 24 hours, 28 hours or more. Additionally, inquire about rescheduling if an unforeseen event may require you to move earlier or later than on the decided day.

6. Do they provide a bond back guarantee?

One of the prime reasons tenants hire professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney is to get their bond back in full. Therefore, it is prudent to ask the cleaners if they provide a bond back guarantee.

It is 100% assurance that the property will be cleaned thoroughly to help you receive a complete bond repayment. It also means after completing a job, the cleaners can re-clean the property until the guarantee period is over or the landlord is satisfied with the work.

Inexperienced and unreliable end of lease cleaning professionals cannot provide this guarantee. Therefore, it is best to book cleaners through a renowned bond cleaning company.

7. Do they have insurance?

Don't make the mistake of unknowing hiring cleaners without insurance, as you may have to pay for mishaps from your pocket. If the cleaners are insured, the cost of losing items or damage that happened while they cleaned your rented property will be covered. Asking this question is necessary whether you are booking cleaners via a reputed company or independent contractors.

The Bottom Line

Bond cleaning is a crucial activity every tenant who paid a bond at the start of a tenancy needs to perform to get the amount back. The sum can be up to four weeks of rent, which is why it is best to hire professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney to solidify your chances of getting a complete bond refund.

To book the best cleaners, ask the questions mentioned above for getting your rented property sanitised and move out without stress or hassle.