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How Do I Get Rental Bond Back In Sydney?

How Do I Get Rental Bond Back In Sydney?
  • Hannah
  • Jun 16 2021
The end of a tenancy is a stressful, overwhelming and challenging period for lessees, as they have to move out of the rental property and ensure it is in a reasonably clean condition. Landlords or property managers perform a final inspection of a rental property and a tenant gets his/her bond back based on it.

The bond is a security deposit paid at the start of a lease agreement by the lessee, which can be up to four weeks of rent. This amount is lodged with the NSW Fair Trading, and to get a complete repayment, a tenant has to clean the real estate to return the property in the same state it was in at the time of occupancy.

Hiring end of lease cleaning professionals in Sydney is a practical solution, and many tenants opt for this option as it ensures you can get a complete bond repayment. Professionals have the expertise and the best cleaning tools using which they sanitise and deep clean leased residential properties effectively and efficiently.

While vacating, you have to follow due process to claim the security deposit and manage the task carefully. Here is your complete guide outlining insights to help get your rental bond back in Sydney. Have a look.

Focus in Condition Reports

When a tenant pays a bond, the landlord shares an original condition report that documents the property's state at the start of tenancy. The lessee can edit this report if anything is not mentioned and must keep it for reference. Plus, the tenant submits an exit condition report when ending a tenancy and this report documents the state of the property.

For it, you take pictures and videos as proofs that the property is in the same condition it was in at the time of occupancy, excluding fair wear and tear. Focusing on condition reports is crucial for having physical proofs and proper maintenance of records. Also, your hired end of lease cleaners in Sydney have reference material that helps them clean your rental real estate as per requirement.

Prioritise Bond Cleaning

Ensuring the bond clean is done adequately is extremely important to get your bond back in full. When a rental property is insufficiently cleaned, the landlord/property manager can legally use the bond money to get the assistance of professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney to return the property to its original clean condition.

The bond money can be partially or completely used depending on the state of the house/unit. Therefore, it is crucial you prioritise bond cleaning and hire experts, especially if professionals cleaned the property before your tenancy started. Book end of lease cleaners in Sydney offering 100% bond back guarantee and have a good market reputation.

Claim the bond

The claim for a bond is submitted through  Rental Bonds Online (RBO) account after the final inspection is complete, and the refund amount is determined by both the parties that signed the lease agreement.

RBO is a free service given by NSW Fair Trading for lodging, managing and releasing residential tenancy bonds in the state. Whichever party lodged the bond with the account needs to submit the claim, and the other party will receive the email for Notice of Claim to which he/she has to respond in 14 days. After the claim is accepted, you will receive the refund within two days.

Bond Claiming Disputes

Issues can arise when the landlord and tenant who signed the lease agreement don't agree on the bond refund amount. Ideally, both parties should discuss the problems privately and resolve them in person. However, when no solution is achieved via private conversation, any involved party can submit the claim, and the other will have 14 days to dispute it and write to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT). Then it will be up to the tribune to decide how the bond will be paid.

If a landlord/lessee doesn't respond to a Notice of Claim and apply for a hearing with the (NCAT) within 14 days, the claimed bond refund is automatically paid to the tenant. Usually, property managers/landlord claim from the bond money for repairs, cleaning, unpaid rent, replacing damaged/tampered security devices and other reasons. Therefore, make sure to live responsibly during your tenancy and avoid doing anything that will make you to lose your bond.


Getting a rental bond refund is crucial for every tenant as it can be up to four weeks of rent. To ensure you get your bond back, vacating the property in a reasonably clean condition is imperative.

Therefore, taking the assistance of professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney is a wise and practical solution. Additionally, make use of the information and insights shared above to correctly submit a claim and get your bond back in full from the NSW Fair Trading.