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How to Find Best End of Lease Cleaners in Sydney

How to Find Best End of Lease Cleaners in Sydney
  • Hannah
  • Jun 22 2021
Performing a detailed end of tenancy cleaning requires a lot of time, energy and right methods. From air ducts to windows and blinds, door tracks to bathroom walls, you have to spruce up every inch of the premises in order to get your deposited security back at the end of your lease.

If you want to avoid end of tenancy disputes, then find an experienced company for a high-quality end of lease cleaning in Sydney. Highly-trained professionals can make your move-out process a bit easier and hassle-free. They will spruce up the property from top to bottom and help secure bond money without any disagreement.

However, with various options available in the market, it becomes difficult to pick up the most reliable company. Without proper research, you may end up hiring a scam or fake cleaning company. So, here is the list of few tips that will help you find the best end of lease cleaners in Sydney.

1. Look for Recommendations & Referrals

Research plays a vital role in determining the success of your end of lease cleaning service. It is important to make the right decisions before hiring any company. Instead of picking up a random firm, it is good to spend some time and ask your friends, relatives and colleagues for recommendations.

Those who have recently hired professionals will help you give detailed information about them. They will give you genuine recommendations about the company so that you can hire the most suitable company in your local area.

2. Consider Online Customer Reviews

Finding the best end of lease cleaners in Sydney requires the right decision making skills. You can visit the comparison websites and read customer reviews online. You will discover what previous customers think about the company you are planning to hire for a thorough cleaning at the end of your tenancy.

This will help you know whether they are reliable for you or not. Their reviews will let you know whether they are satisfied with the cleaning service. You will get to know about their service, quality of work, pricing policy, transparency and professional approach. You can contract the customers if you are sure which company you are going to hire for a meticulous cleaning service.

3. Know the Experience

You should always consider hiring a company which has at least 5-7 years of experience in the cleaning field. Since end of lease cleaning is a complicated process, you need professionals who can help you in sprucing up hard to reach areas and important spots using proven methods and high-quality products. Such seasoned experts can help you know how to get rental bond back in Sydney.

They will get the job done precisely within a given timeframe. On the other hand, less or inexperienced company may damage your property or items during the cleaning process. So, carefully choose the company after gathering right information related to their work experience.

4. Look for the License

You can pick the company that has a license of end of lease cleaning services. This will give you peace of mind that the company you are hiring can take care of your necessary cleaning needs without causing any damage. You can research and opt for the one who can take the responsibility of your complicated cleaning tasks and offer you the highest standard of service at the most reasonable price.

5. Make Sure They Are Professional And Trained

End of lease cleaning is totally different from regular house cleaning. You need to be extra careful when it comes to performing cleaning chore before the final inspection.

So, look for professional and highly-trained bond cleaners who come with the REINSW-approved checklist to cover every nook and cranny for the safe retrieval of your deposited security. They can take the stress out of your cleaning chore and give you quality service.

6. Book Fully-insured Cleaners

A fully-insured company includes workers compensation insurance and general liability insurance to protect you if the cleaner gets hurt or cause an accident while sprucing up on your property. This means you don’t need to pay anything in case they get hurt during the process. In fact, they are liable to pay against the damage.

So, it is good to good to check whether the cleaners are fully-insured or not. Ask relevant questions, clear your doubts and choose the best option that can help you get the bond back without any dispute.

7. Know the Pricing Criteria

Many cleaning firms charge their customers on an hourly basis. The pricing criteria can prove expensive for you because you don’t get a precise estimate. Since cleaning is a complicated chore, it becomes difficult to calculate the total cleaning duration.

You can search for the company that can give you a precise quote according to the size and condition of the rental property. Make sure they offer transparent pricing policy without asking you to pay hidden charges in the middle of the cleaning task.


Finding the best end of lease cleaners in Sydney requires proper research, knowledge and a bit of positive approach. It is not as difficult as it seems because the tips mentioned above in the article will make things easy for you. They will help you get the bond back at the end of your tenancy without any disagreement.