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How Can Professional Cleaners Help Getting 100% Bond Back?

How Can Professional Cleaners Help Getting 100% Bond Back?
  • Hannah
  • Jul 07 2021
Most tenants pay a sum at the start of a tenancy that is lodged with the NSW Fair Trading by the landlord. It is called a bond and the money is a security deposit, refunded when your tenancy ends and you vacate the rental property.

As per residential tenancy laws in New South Wales, the bond amount is up to four weeks of rent, and it cannot be more even if you have pets. As a tenant, you have to ensure the property is reasonably clean to get a complete bond repayment. One of the best ways to guarantee the property is clean when you hand over the keys is to hire professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney.

If you are ending a tenancy and plan to move out of a rental property, outlined below are insights on how professionals can help get 100% of your bond back. Have a look.

Professionals Follow A Checklist

Experienced and trained end of lease cleaners in Sydney streamline their work and complete tasks within a stipulated time by following a cleaning checklist. They clean the bathroom, bedrooms, kitchen and other areas expertly using the list, which comes in handy and helps sanitise every nook and cranny of the rental property. Plus, it allows them to meet expected quality standards and help tenants who hired them to get a complete bond repayment.

They Use High-Performance Tools & Quality Products

Specialists like the end of lease cleaners in Sydney use quality products and high-performance equipment for dusting, wiping, washing or vacuuming residential properties. Their supplies enable them to clean any type of house or unit effectively and get optimum results. Tenants usually don’t have the cleaning products and tools used by professionals, which is why they cannot get the same results.

Professionals Know The Tricks Of The Trade

Since professional cleaners have experience in cleaning different types of residential properties, they know what works and what doesn’t. They use the proper techniques like cleaning in a circular pattern and always starting from the top.

Professionals know effective cleaning hacks and tricks that tenants don’t, which is why they can sanitise homes expertly. Knowing the tricks of the trade also enables cleaning experts to save time and complete jobs within a few hours.

You Get Bond Back Guarantee

A bond back guarantee is the assurance good end of lease cleaning companies in Sydney give when you hire their cleaners. The professionals thoroughly clean and disinfect your rental property according to the original condition report.

Then the guarantee period starts, which is usually 5-7 days long. During this time, the cleaners perform re-cleans (if required) with no extra charge to ensure you get your bond back in full.

Reputed Companies Offer Additional Services

A landlord cannot force a tenant to hire professional cleaners and do additional cleaning tasks besides bond cleaning. But, if the property owner or the previous tenant had hired professional cleaners for the end of lease cleaning and other activities like carpet cleaning, wall-washing, pest control, etc., you are obligated to do the same.

Most reputed companies offer bond cleaning services in Sydney and multiple additional solutions to help tenants taking their assistance get a complete bond refund.

Professionals Clean Difficult Areas & High Contact Points

End of lease cleaning is important, and every tenant has to ensure it is done adequately to end a tenancy successfully. A bond clean is different from regular cleaning. It requires sanitation of every nook and cranny of the house, which is difficult without expertise or the right supplies. Therefore, professional end of lease cleaners can manage everything smoothly and without hassle.

Besides sanitising visible surfaces & spots, they clean and disinfect windows, fixtures, tracks, and frames and high contact points like switches, stair rails, doors, handles, and knobs, among others.

Professionals have cleaning tools with adjustable heads/handles and telescopic wands. Plus, they keep cleaning equipment with various attachments and advanced step-ladder stools to clean household areas effectively and efficiently.

Bond Cleaners Tend To Outdoor Areas

End of lease cleaning is incomplete without adequate sanitation of exterior areas of a rental property, and tenants can lose their bond because of it. Professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney know this. Therefore, they pay attention to the patio, deck and outdoor windows, doors and furniture in addition to cleaning and disinfecting the interiors of a rental property.

If necessary, you can avail of their pressure washing services for removing mould, caked dirt and grime from driveways, entryway stairs/ramp, house sidings, deck floor, etc.


You need to ensure bond cleaning is done adequately to end a lease agreement successfully. And, one of the best ways to do that is to take the assistance of professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney.

Expert cleaners with experience can help get 100% of your bond back as they have the right equipment, training and expertise. Thus if you are ending a tenancy, book professional cleaners as soon as possible to get a bond refund without stress.