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How To Clean Grout & Grime Between Floor Tiles

How To Clean Grout & Grime Between Floor Tiles
  • Hannah
  • Aug 19 2021
Grout lines can attract dust, dirt and grime quickly and easily. Dirt-laden grout lines can make your floor tiles look dull and dingy. Of course, these tiles look beautiful and are super easy to clean, but grout cleaning is a serious business.

Since it is light in colour and can accumulate dust and grime quickly, grout is prone to mould, mildew and stubborn staining.  Spills in the kitchen, dirt and moisture in the bathroom and grime in the mudroom are some of the common reasons behind the dirty grout between your floor tiles.

You should pay attention to the areas that need special cleaning, and floor tiles are one of them. In case you are vacating the rental property, then return it in a pristine condition with the help of best end of lease cleaning in Sydney.

If you want to clean your grout lines on your own, consider the tips sharing below and enhance the look and feel of your beautiful floor tiles.

1. Start off by Plain Warm Water and Brush

You can begin the grout cleaning process by scrubbing off the area using warm water and a bristled brush.  Spray the water and remove grime and dust with an old toothbrush.

It is good to follow the grout line in a circular motion. The purpose is to breakdown the grime without using any harsh chemicals. This is just a prep so don’t expect sparkling results.

2. Spray White Vinegar Solution

In this step, you can prepare a homemade grout cleaner instead of using expensive store-bought products. White vinegar is one of the best options to help you get rid of stubborn stains, grime and even mould from tile lines.

Fill a spray bottle with a half part of vinegar and half of warm water. Now, apply the solution on the grout and leave it for 5 to7 minutes before brushing with a brush.

Do not forget to rinse and dry it to avoid mouth and mildew growth.

3. Use Baking Soda Paste

To achieve sparkling results while sprucing up your tiles and grout lines, you should use baking soda. It is a great ingredient that works wonders in removing tough stains, grime, bad smell and germs from all surfaces. It is good to discover more tips for green cleaning while tackling dirt and stains.

Prepare a thick paste by mixing baking soda and water. Scrub this paste using a brush and rinse with water. Try this hack after using white vinegar for quality outcomes.

4. Apply the Hydrogen Peroxide

You can treat mild to moderate stains using hydrogen peroxide. It is easily available in most drug stores in Sydney, NSW. You can use this product as a natural stain remover and apply it with baking soda to remove grime and dirt.

Many professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney use the same products to remove tough stains, grime, and dirt from the rental property to help you get the full bond back.

5. Use Chlorine Bleach

It can be used to remove accumulated stains and mould from surfaces, including grout lines. If your floor tiles are looking dull and dirty, you can opt for a cleaning product that contains chlorine bleach.

Though it is not an ideal option because it contains toxic elements, you can use it if you are running short of time.

Tip: If you want to apply chlorine bleach, then remove the traces of white vinegar. It is because the combination of two can produce a highly toxic gas into the air.

6. Steam Clean Your Grouts

All you need is a steam mop that can help you get rid of stains, grime, dirt and dust from your tile grouts with ease. It is a super easy and environmentally-friendly way to clean grout.

Make sure you buy a steam mop which is used for residential purposes. It is easy to handle and can help you get better results quickly.

7. Apply Oxygen Bleach

To remove tough or stubborn stains, use oxygen bleach and maintain the look of your grout lines. This is one of the ideal products sold in powdered form and is available under many brands, including Clorox and OxiClean.

Apply the solution on the surface and leave it for at least 15 minutes before rinsing. You can also scrub before rinsing to achieve great outcomes.

Tip: Keep the doors and windows open for proper ventilation while using oxygen bleach.

8. Make a Cleaning Routine

There is no denying the fact that ceramic floor tiles look amazing when cleaned regularly. Since the grout is prone to dirt and dust, make sure you prepare a routine and clean it once or twice a week for sparkling floor tiles.


Grout cleaning tips listed above in the article will help you treat tough stains, grime, mould and mildew without using harsh chemicals. If you are prepping your rented property, then thoroughly clean every nook and cranny. Hire professionals for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Sydney and get your bond money back without any dispute.