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Is Bond Cleaning Same As End Of Lease Cleaning?

Is Bond Cleaning Same As End Of Lease Cleaning?
  • Hannah
  • Mar 26 2021
If you are a tenant/renter, you may know the term ‘bond cleaning’ or an ‘end of lease cleaning’. They usually get confused between these two when moving out of a rental property. If you think that both are different types of cleaning, then keep on reading the article.

Bond cleaning and end of lease cleaning are the same and used interchangeably. In layman’s terms, bond cleaning is done to get the bond back where as, end of lease cleaning is done when you are at the end of the lease. And, you can’t get the bond back until your lease ends. So, both are connected to the same situation despite having different names.

When a tenant starts renting a property, they pay a bond amount to the landlord. This amount is then returned to the tenant at the end of a tenancy.

According to the tenancy laws in NSW, tenants have to return the rental property in the same condition as they received it at the beginning. In simple terms, they have to properly clean every inch of the premises before the final inspection.

When the cleaning is done thoroughly, tenants get their full bond back without any dispute. In case the landlord finds that the property was not cleaning according to the standards, you may lose a part of your bond money.

So, make sure you hire experts who can carry out the best end of lease cleaning in Sydney at the most reasonable price. This type of cleaning is more detailed and requires more time and energy. That’s why it is good to book an experienced bond cleaning company that can offer you service according to the REINSW-approved checklist.

What’s included in Bond Cleaning/End of Lease Cleaning?

Before getting into the process, you need to understand what’s included if you hire professional bond cleaners in Sydney. Since a landlord/property manager inspects every nook and cranny, make sure you spruce up everything according to the standard checklist:


One of the dirtiest areas in a rental property is a kitchen. It harbours harmful germs and bacteria, which can lead to various foodborne diseases. Make sure you spruce up a dirty kitchen from top to bottom using safe and sound cleaning products. Here is a list of areas you need to clean:

  • Exhaust fan, walls, and windows (inside and out)

  • All cupboards, shelves and drawers (inside, out and top of the surface)

  • Wipe countertops and hard surfaces

  • Clean range hood, stovetop and grill

  • Sinks and faucets

  • Clean kitchen appliances, such microwave, oven, fridge and dishwasher. Remove tough stains, grime, and built-up grease inside and out.

  • Empty and disinfect trash can

  • Clean and disinfect doors and doorknobs

  • Vacuum and mop floors

  • Note: Use white vinegar and warm soapy water when it comes to removing stains and grime from almost all surfaces except marble and granite countertops. Use baking soda instead of vinegar.


    Do not forget to spruce up your bathrooms when preparing your rental property. Make sure you clean the following areas:

    • Walls, exhaust fan, windows, window sills and frames

    • Light switches and fixtures

    • Shower head and shower glass

    • Sink, faucets and bathtub

    • Toilet bowl, toilet seat and areas around it.

    • Tiles and grout lines

    • Shower curtain

    • Polish mirror

    • Mop the floor.

    Note: Clean and disinfect every nook and cranny of your bathroom before the arrival of your landlord.

    A Living Area/Room:

    If you want to impress your landlord, then deep clean your living room using best quality of tools and products that are safe. See how professionals clean this part of a property:

    • Remove cobwebs and insect marks from walls and ceiling fans

    • Clean air vents/ ducts

    • Wipe light fittings, fixtures and switches

    • Clean baseboards and picture frames

    • Wash windows, window sills and frames

    • Vacuum blinds and wash curtains

    • Wipe doors and doorknobs

    • Vacuum carpets and rugs

    • Sweep and mop floors

    Note: If your carpet has mould, mildew and stubborn stains, book a professional carpet cleaning service along with the end of lease cleaning. Many companies don’t include a thorough carpet cleaning in a standard bond cleaning checklist.


    Most people often forget to deep clean bedrooms of a rental property. You can follow this checklist while sprucing the bedroom area:

    • Fans, walls and light fixtures

    • Wipe light switches and lamps

    • Remove dust from the top of your wardrobe

    • Vacuum a mattress

    • Change bedsheets and pillow covers

    • Wipe side tables and chairs

    • Mop the floor

    Other Areas:

    • Remove cobwebs from a garage area

    • Sweep and mop the floor

    • Remove dust, grime and other loose dirt from a patio area

    Note: Remove heavy furniture before the arrival of end of lease cleaners in Sydney. This will allow them to clean the entire premises without any distraction.


    There is no difference between bond cleaning and end of lease cleaning because the purpose is the same i.e. getting the bond money back without any conflict. If you are a tenant, then you should know everything about this type of cleaning before hiring the experienced end of lease cleaning company in Sydney.