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Tricks to clean a home in less than 30 Minutes

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Tricks to clean a home in less than 30 Minutes
  • Hannah
  • Sep 14 2017
Having a proper planning and cleaning checklist is essential when it comes to cleaning and tidying a house in less than 30 minutes. In Sydney, most of the people don’t get time to clean up their house thoroughly. Since there are lots of things to manage altogether during a cleaning process, ensuring the right technique is very important to save both time and effort.

Following a plan, such as starting with the ceiling fan and then the furniture, floors, bathroom, kitchen, etc can make your work easier. To get the most out of your work, you can bring out some innovative techniques while organising and tidying your home.

Below are some tricks that will help you clean your home in less than 30 minutes. So, without a further adieu, let’s unveil smart cleaning tips:

Create a Plan

Before starting a cleaning process, make sure you create a plan from scratch. Since you have less time, you can include all the dirtiest areas and high-traffic areas into your cleaning checklist. Also, add the things or tools that will be required to scrub or sweep a house.

Planning not only simplifies the work but also fasten it. So, don’t forget to mention the key things while jotting down your quick cleaning checklist.

Grab All Cleaning Tools

If you want to save time, then don’t forget to collect all the cleaning tools such as a mop, scrubber, sponge, microfiber cloth, sweeper, broom and cleaning products at one place. Make sure you have all the essential tools and equipment that can make this cumbersome cleaning process easier.

Also, try to use eco-friendly cleaning solutions to protect your kids and pets from harmful chemicals. You can easily find a reliable environmental-friendly cleaner in the local markets of Sydney.

Target high-traffic areas

First, clean up the most traffic areas of your house such as entry of your home, living room, carpet and rug areas. You can vacuum the floors, carpets and rugs to remove dry dust, hairs, pet dangles and mud. This will take maximum 5 minutes to clean up all the high-traffic areas.

If there are tough stains, you can use an eco-friendly cleaning solution to get rid of it in a matter of few seconds.

You can also hire the services of end of lease cleaning experts in Sydney to do a thorough clean of your property.

Vacuum your furniture

This is one of the easiest ways to make your house look neat and clean. All you need to do is to run a vacuum cleaner over your furniture to remove dirt and dust. Use an appropriate attachment to get rid of dust stuck in between the edges of your furniture.

You can also hire professional house cleaners in Sydney that uses best cleaning tools and techniques to get your house cleaned quickly. They provide a complete range of cleaning solutions in Parramatta, MacquariePark, Blacktown, Bondi Beach , and other local suburbs of Sydney at the most competitive price.

De-clutter your rooms

Scan your rooms quickly to see what’s out of place. Put messed up items like a TV remote, mobile, DVDs in drawers, remove all the scattered things from your living room and bedroom to make it look more organised.

Clear your counterparts

De-cluttering a counterpart of a kitchen takes only 2 minutes. Put all the items back in the cupboards, drawers and cabinets. Once you are done with this, clean the counterpart with a cleaning solution dabbed microfiber cloth. Make sure you disinfect it properly.

Clean appliances

Give your oven and fridge a quick clean to remove the dust and grime. Also, swipe your stove with a scrubber or sponge. This will give your kitchen a neat and clean look.

Disinfect your bathroom sink

When it comes to cleaning bathroom, ensure that you disinfect the sink, shower, tub, water taps and toilet seat. Use the best disinfectant available in the Sydney to kill germs and bacteria from your bathroom. This will take maximum 2 to 4 minutes.

Mop the floor

With the use of a water-dampened mop, you can clean the entire floor of your bathroom, including the corners. You can don’t it in less than 3 minutes.

Change the bed sheets

Once you are done with your kitchen and bathroom, you can come to your bedroom and change the bed sheets, pillow covers and other bed linens. Try to make your bedroom look more beautiful and organised.