10 End Of Lease Cleaning Tips When Moving Out Of Rental Property

young professional sprucing a residential property

10 End Of Lease Cleaning Tips When Moving Out Of Rental Property

By : Kate Windle

When you move out of the rental living space, your biggest concern is to clean the property. The relocation process is already a stressful task because you need to take care of various responsibilities simultaneously.

The additional pressure of leaving the property in pristine condition can further elevate your stress level. You cannot take the task lightly because it will help you to get your bond money back. If the property owner/ manager found that the cleanliness of the property is not up to the mark, you can lose a large amount of your deposit money.

That is why the majority of the renters prefer to hire professionals to get a thorough end of lease cleaning in Sydney. The seasoned experts use advanced equipment and the latest methods to clean every corner of the property in the best possible manner.

This helps you to get back your bond money without any disputes. However, if you are moving on a tight budget and want to carry out the dusting on your own, you need some guidelines.

Here are a few helpful end of lease cleaning tips that you can follow while moving out of the rental property.

1. Follow a Checklist

When you prepare the rental living space for the final inspection, you need to make sure that every nook and corner of the property looks perfectly clean. It is essential because landlords have an eye for detail. To clean a property thoroughly, you should prepare and follow a checklist. Otherwise, you might overlook some vital and hidden spots.

2. Clean Garden and the Exterior

If you have a lawn and patio, then it is important to clean them first. Do not forget that the property owner will notice these areas before entering the house. So, mow the lawn, trim the hedges, sweep and wash the patio, and clean the outside furniture to ensure the area look perfect.

3. Repair the Damages

Along with the clean rental property, it is your duty to return a damage-free property to the owner. Therefore, it is essential to check the entire property room by room and look for damages. Whether it is a pipe leakage in the bathroom or under the kitchen sink, broken window glass, damaged light fitting or ripped carpets, it is your responsibility to repair or replace the damages.

4. Start Interior Cleaning with Kitchen

When you start the interior dusting, always start from the kitchen. It is the most challenging room because there are various surfaces and each surface need a different approach. That is why the cleaning of the kitchen always consumes maximum time. If you complete it at the beginning, the rest of the cleaning becomes a lot easier.

5. Pay Attention to Oven and Windows

The oven traps dust, dirt, grease, food particles, spills, etc. Therefore, it becomes challenging to clean the appliance from the inside. Property owners are aware of the fact, and thus, they examine it very carefully. You should also clean your windows properly. If you want to clean them without any hassles or stress, contact professional who offers the best end of lease cleaning in Sydney.

6. Thoroughly Clean the Bathroom

Tenants do not pay attention to the cleanliness of the bathroom until the lease agreement ends. Removing the stains from the toilet, mildew from the tiles and limescale from the showerhead can be stressful and exhausting.

Therefore it is advisable to keep your bathroom spick and span during the lease period or hire professionals before the final inspection. They can help you to get your rental bond back.

7. Get Rid of the Cobwebs and Moulds

People often overlook areas like the ceiling corners, basement and storeroom during the end of lease cleaning. These areas often have cobwebs, mould, and mildews, which can put a massive question on your efforts. That is why you must eliminate them before the final inspection.

8. Clean the Property Professionally

To carry out the dusting and vacuuming task in the most effective manner, contact a professional end of lease cleaning company in Sydney. Their professionals have expertise in cleaning all types and sizes of property. So, you can expect the best possible result from them. They use advanced tools and equipment that make their dusting so effective.

9. Remove Marks from the Walls

Out of all household surfaces, removing dirt and marks from walls is the most difficult task. A little bit of mistake can remove the paint from the walls. Therefore, you need to be very careful while cleaning it. To remove the spills and food stains, try liquid soap and water. And if you want to eliminate crayon and scuff marks, use a magic eraser. In case the walls are too dirty to clean, you should opt for painting.

10. Vacuum Carpets at the Last

When you are dusting your rental property at the end of the tenancy, pay special attention to the carpets. A dirty carpet is one of the common reasons for disputes between landlords and tenants. The best way to make sure that the carpets look flawless is to clean them only a day before the final inspection.

Take Away

It is no secret that end of lease cleaning is a time-consuming and challenging task. To make things a little easier for you, follow the ten tips mentioned above. The tactics will help you to carry out such a complicated task in an organised manner. And if your budget allows, you must hire reputed end of lease cleaners in Sydney. They will save your time and help you to get back bond money.