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The Most Efficient, Easiest Way to Clean Your Bathroom

The Most Efficient, Easiest Way to Clean Your Bathroom
  • Hannah
  • Sep 03 2020
It is no secret that bathroom cleaning is the most challenging part of the house cleaning task. It is because the bathroom is a place that is frequently used by all the members but when it comes to cleaning, it doesn’t get much attention like the living room or bedroom.

As a result, it accumulates a lot of dirt that allows the germs and diseases to flourish. Thus, you need to spend more time and make more efforts to clean it. It is perfectly fine to clean it on your own, but you can also hire experts who offer high-quality end of lease cleaning in Sydney.

If you want to do it yourself, here is comprehensive information on the most efficient, easiest way to clean your bathroom. Let’s have a look!

Follow a Cleaning Checklist

If you want to clean your bathroom most efficiently and smoothly, follow a cleaning checklist. A checklist makes sure that you do not skip even a single spot in your bathroom, and it looks sparkling clean.

That is why all reliable professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Sydney follow a cleaning checklist. From the ceiling, light fitting, toilet and bathtub to shower glass, tiles, sink and faucets, mention every single spot in the checklist. It makes cleaning easier and quicker. If you want, you can also find a checklist on the website of a cleaning company.

Start from the top

When you are cleaning any room in your house, always start from the top, and the bathroom is no different. Use a long-handled broom to get rid of the cobwebs and dust from ceiling corners. Once you are done with the cleaning of the ceiling, pay attention to the light fittings in the bathroom.

People often neglect its cleaning, and as a result, the spot accumulates a lot of dust and dirt. If required, remove the fitting from their place and clean it thoroughly. Then fix it back to its place. Always follow the top to bottom approach when cleaning your home. It saves your time and gives you a better cleaning.

Scrub the walls

After cleaning the ceiling and light fitting, move to the wall tiles. To clean the tiles effectively and easily, use the combination of vinegar and warm water. Apply it on tiles and wipe off with a dry cloth. If the tiles need vigorous cleaning, use Castile liquid soap and warm water.

Use a brush to scrub the tiles properly and then rinse it properly. Then use a dry cloth to remove the excess water from the surface. The walls often develop mould due to the presence of water, which people forgot to clean after taking a shower. To clean the mould that spread over a large area, you can contact experts who perform end of lease cleaning in Sydney.

Clean toilet

The toilet is undoubtedly the dirtiest spot in the entire house for obvious reasons. Thus, it is essential to clean it thoroughly at least once a week.

Although you can use commercial cleaning products from the market, it is advisable to use natural ingredients like vinegar and baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda inside the toilet and the direct spray vinegar on the surface. Wait for a few minutes before scrubbing the inner surface with the help of a toilet brush. After giving it a thorough cleaning, flush the toilet. It is the easiest way to make your toilet look sparkling clean.

Bathtub and Shower Glass

Over time the bathtub accumulates a lot of dirt and dust, which make it look dull. The soap scum, hair products, bath oil and body soil as a combined force doesn’t allow the surface of the bathtub to shine. Thus, it is vital to clean the bathtub from time to time.

And if you are performing end of lease cleaning, then the cleaning the bathtub perfectly becomes more critical because it is one of those spots that the landlords thoroughly examine during the final inspection. Thus, if you want to get back the bond money, you should hire experts who carry out a reliable end of lease cleaning in Sydney.

Sink and faucets

From the overspray of hair products and soap scum to hard water stains and toothpaste dribbles, your sink accumulates a lot of dirt and grime. If you want to clean it effectively and easily, you can use your all-purpose bathroom cleaner to get rid of the light soil and film.

To eliminate more hardened deposits, use the combination of liquid dish soap, baking soda and warm water. Also, use abrasive or soft-sponge to clean the ceramic surfaces thoroughly. Rinse the surface properly. To clean the faucets, you can use lemon and salt. Rub it thoroughly on the faucets and then wash it. Do not forget to wipe off with a clean, dry cloth.

Clear the drain

The bathroom drain collects a lot of gunk that can even block it and lead a complete mess in the bathroom. It can prevent the flow of the water into the drain, and the entire bathroom can stink. So, you should clear the drain from time to time.

Most of the commercial drain cleaners have harmful chemicals and acid that will clear the gunk but also pollute the environment. So, it is better to use household ingredients. Pour baking soda into the drain and then white vinegar. Wait for a couple of minutes so that it can clear the gunk. Finally pour boiling water into the drain.

Hire Professional Cleaners

Perhaps the most efficient, easiest way to clean your bathroom is to contact a reliable company that performs affordable end of lease cleaning in Sydney. They have years of experience, modern cleaning tools and aware of lasted methods that make them the best option to clean your entire house. They can save you time and do all the hard work while you can sit back and relax.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning the bathroom is not as difficult as it seems. People find it challenging because they neglect its cleaning and allow the dirt to get stubborn. All you need to do is to follow a checklist, use green cleaning products and do not hustle. You can also hire professionals to get the job done in a perfect manner.