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12 Things Only Professional Cleaners Know

12 Things Only Professional Cleaners Know
  • Hannah
  • Aug 30 2019
Cleaning an entire house like a pro can’t be achieved without an experience. Some cleaning challenges like tough stains and build-up grease on the grout are best left to the trained and experienced end of lease cleaners in Sydney.

Instead of wasting your time as well as effort, focus on looking for professional cleaners who can take the stress out of your complicated cleaning chores and give you quality service at the best price.

The best part about cleaning experts in Sydney is that they know pro tricks to transform the filthy property into sparkling space using environmentally-safe cleaning products. These experts know exactly how to clean the stubborn grease, grime and stains from different surfaces when you are at the end of your lease period.

If still you are not convinced with the concept of hiring professionals, then have a look at the 12 things only professional cleaners know. This will help you make the right decision quickly.

Let’s get started!

1. White Chalk To Absorb Oil from Clothing

Many professional cleaners use white chalk to absorb excess oil and lighten the mark of stains from clothes. You can also try this trick to remove salad dressing, oil, butter and other greasy stains. It is good to keep a piece of white chalk in your laundry room to treat your grease clothing in an emergency.

You can also use cornstarch or talcum powder and sprinkle it over the stain. Leave it for 10-15 minutes to soak up excess oil and wash it to see the best possible results.

2. Clean your Room from Top to Bottom

You should always spruce up your room from top to bottom. This will save you from sweeping the surface twice. It is good to wipe off the thick layer of dust from your ceiling fans. Use an old pillowcase to grab accumulated dust from each blade. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment for quick result.

Usually, cleaning experts are trained to clean the room in a specific manner. They start from the top of the room covering fans, walls, light fittings, fixtures, picture frames, switchboards, window blinds, and windows, and make their way down towards furniture and floors. You should also follow the same procedure – this will save you a lot of time and effort.

3. Pumice Stone to Treat Toilet Rings

Instead of using harsh or abrasive cleaning products, professionals use a wet pumice stone to get rid of stubborn stains like toilet rings. It is one of the natural ways of removing rust stains and water rings.

If you want to try this super-effective hack, then don’t forget to wet the stone before using it because a dry one could leave a scratch mark on the surface. For sparkling results, pour a cup of baking soda in your toilet bowl and leave it for 15 minutes.

After that, scrub it with the brush and then pumice stone to remove the stains. You can try this trick once or twice a week to keep the facade clean with minimal effort.

4. White Vinegar: A Natural Cleaner

White vinegar or distilled vinegar is one of the commonly used ingredients in a homemade cleaning solution. From removing mineral deposits from bathroom surface to cleaning kitchen countertops, professional cleaners use it for multiple purposes.

All you need to do is to mix the vinegar with hot water and apply it on the surfaces like kitchen counters, range hood, bathroom floors, and faucets to wipe down dirt, grime, stains, splatters, spills, grease and other tough stains.

You can also dip the microfiber cloth in a cup of white vinegar and place it over stains and water spots. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then wipe away. The acidic properties in the vinegar loosen the stain and make your scrubbing job easier.

Tip: Many cleaning companies in Sydney use green cleaning products and natural ingredients such as vinegar to treat tough stains and grease without harming the well being of their customers and the environment.

5. Brillo Pad to Scrub Off Soap Scum

You might not believe it, but a wet brillo pad is helpful in removing soap scum as well as water spots from glass shower doors. The best part is that it won’t even scratch the glass. You can also try this method but make sure you scrub it with gentle hands.

For better outcomes, you can apply the homemade cleaning solution on the affected area and leave it for a few minutes.

6. Olive Oil for Shiny Stainless Steel Appliances

Use a drop of olive oil on a paper towel and wipe down your fridge to make it look shiny. This will not only helpful in enhancing the shine of the fridge body but also remove fingerprints easily. It will keep the surface cleaner longer.

Tip: Don’t forget to wipe off the excess oil with a clean paper towel.

7. Ziploc Bag to Remove Bad Odours

Are you annoyed because of smelly sports gear that can’t be washed? If yes, then use this magical trick. Put it in a large plastic Ziploc bag and place it in the freezer overnight. The cold air kills the bacteria and removes bad odours. The freezer will harden the object and make it easier to eliminate germs.

8. Right Technique of Using a Vacuum Cleaner

When cleaning hard floors, vacuums can blow around a lot of dust you are trying to accumulate. Avoid it by fetching dust using the wand attachment of your vacuum cleaner. Then, give your floor a pass with the machine on the hard floor mode. Make sure you push the vacuum forward to get it into the right position and slowly pull it when collecting the dust.

9. Use Cornstarch to Clean Windows

This is a secret window cleaning recipe which is revealed by the professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney. They prepare a non-toxic cleaning solution using a teaspoon of cornstarch to a cup of warm water and white vinegar. You can also prepare it and apply it on the window glass to remove dust and grime.

The cornstarch is a great ingredient that helps in getting rid of the grime away and ensures a streak-free shine.

10. Clean Using Magic Erasers

Clean coffee stains from the mug and table using a magic eraser. It is a natural way of removing stains from different surfaces.

Magic eraser is made of melamine foam which gently removes the stains, build-up grease and spills in a breeze.

11. Steam Clean

The bad thing about using cleaning products or chemicals is that they leave the residue behind on the carpets and rugs. You need a robust cleaning method to get rid of soap residues quickly. Well, you can steam clean your carpets as this technique uses vapour to remove build-up soil without leaving residue behind.

Tip: Hire professionally trained carpet cleaners in Sydney for steam cleaning of your expensive floor coverings such as carpets and rugs.

12. Use the Toilet Brush in a Proper Way

Cleaning a toilet bowl is one of the most disgusting tasks, especially when it comes to dealing with the wet and dirty brush. Well, you can close the seat on top of the brush handle after the scrubbing so it can drip-dry into the bowl. Leave it until dry. In the meantime, you can clean the rest of the toilet including the tank lid, back of the seat, handle faucets, a rim of bowl and toilet base – this will save you a lot of time.


These are the 12 cleaning secrets that only professional cleaners in Sydney know. You can also follow them to transform your filthy home. All the tricks mentioned-above in this article are super-easy, effective and work wonders in giving you shiny and sparkling outcomes.

If you are a tenant and moving out of your leased premises, then look for the best end of lease cleaners in Sydney. They can help you get your full bond money back without any dispute.