How Often To Clean High-Touch Points In Your Home

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How Often To Clean High-Touch Points In Your Home

By : Kate Windle

No matter how many times you get rid of germs and bacteria from household surfaces, they keep coming back. It is because these microorganisms are hard to kill.

Study says that one of the main reasons why they keep coming back is because they move easily from one spot to another through your hands. Thus, it is essential to maintain personal hygiene and also include household cleaning in your daily and weekly chores.

As the Coronavirus pandemic has emerged as a matter of grave concern, it has become essential to clean and disinfect your house to keep your family safe. In case you have a busy schedule, hire professionals who provide the best end of lease cleaning in Sydney.

They not only clean a rental property at the end of the lease period but also clean your house to improve the hygiene level. You can also opt for such a service. However, if you prefer DIY methods, then you should know which high-touch points in your home require dusting and scrubbing.

Read on to know about how often you should clean the frequently-touched spots in your home.

Common High-Touch Points All Rooms

When you clean your house thoroughly, make sure you pay attention to the most common frequently touched area. These points include doorknobs, handles of drawers, light switches, handrails, etc.

You should include these posts in your daily dusting chores to ensure they are perfectly clean and free from germs. After cleaning the spots, sanitise them either using commercial disinfectants or natural products such as hydrogen peroxide.


Your bathroom is perhaps the dirtiest place in your house for obvious reasons. Different surfaces of your bathroom are full of harmful germs and bacteria. So make sure that you clean your bathroom thoroughly to protect your family, particularly kids and elders, from various diseases.

The frequently touched spots in your bathroom include faucet handles, sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets, hand and bath towels. While it is essential to clean all these spots regularly, you can disinfect the sinks, bathtubs, toilets and showers once in a week. It is essential to clean and disinfect faucet and toilet handles regularly.


Over time, the kitchen accumulates a lot of dust, dirt, grease, food particles, spills, etc. So, make sure you clean this place appropriately. This is the place where you cook food for your family, so it should be free from all sorts of dirt as well as germs. Always remember that a clean kitchen is a vital characteristic of a healthy home.

When you clean your kitchen, make sure that you pay attention to the high-touch points such as kitchen countertop, stove knobs, handles of the appliances, drawers and cabinets, sink faucets.

Clean and disinfect the countertop and stove knobs regularly whereas you can clean the handles and faucets once in a week. This approach will not allow germs and bacteria to flourish in your kitchen.


You spend around 7 to 8 hours in your bedroom regularly and even more when you are sick. So, make sure that your bedroom is clean, particularly your bed. It collects your sweat, dead skin cells, hair, etc., which can allow germs and bacteria to flourish.

Apart from your bed, there are some frequently touched spots that need to clean. So, clean your study table, the handle of the wardrobe, the light switch, etc. You can change the bedsheet and pillow cover once or twice in a week but if it is a flu season, clean them regularly.

If you want to clean your bedroom and all other rooms perfectly and thoroughly without any hassles, contact a company that offers reliable end of lease cleaning in Sydney. They offer additional services like thorough cleaning of the house.


In today’s world, it is not easy to imagine a life without electronics such a smartphone, tabs laptops and computers. Like any other person, you also spend a lot of time on these things but often neglect the cleaning. These stuff along with keyboard and mouse accumulate dust, dirt, germs and bacteria.

So, you must clean these things properly to ensure your electronics are free from dirt and germs. As you spend your maximum time on your phone, make sure that you clean and disinfect it regularly. Wipe the laptop, computer, keyboard and mouse with disinfectant wipes once a week.

Tips to Maintain cleanliness of Your Home

By cleaning the high-touch points in your home, you can maintain the hygiene of the overall house. However, if you want to keep it clean, you need to follow certain tips.

  • Vacuum your carpets properly to get rid of pet hair, dust, dirt, food particles, insect droppings, etc.
  • Hire experienced end of lease cleaners in Sydney and opt for their additional services like thorough cleaning of the house, carpet cleaning, etc.
  • Prepare a schedule to make sure that you clean every spot of your house properly, particularly the frequently touched spots.
  • Instead of using commercial products and disinfectants, opt for natural products to remove the dirt and germs from household surfaces.

Take Away

The frequently touched spots in your home have the maximum amount of germs and flu viruses, so it is essential to clean and disinfect these spots. Otherwise, it will spread the germs to other spots, and that will lead to various diseases and allergies. So the next time you prepare a cleaning schedule, consider the high-touch points mentioned above and remember how often you should clean them.