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How to Pass Your Property Inspection During an End of Lease

Apr 26, 2016

Living in Sydney, many people rent a house or flat at certain periods of their lives. If you are the one of those individuals, you should be aware of how stressful a property inspection can be during end of your lease. Here are some good tips on how to prepare and successfully pass your rental inspection and get your bond money back.
  1. Start Preparing in Advance
According to the law, agents and landlords need to provide at least 24 hours’ notice before a property inspection. But usually you are noticed at least one week before. As soon as you are informed about when your rental inspection happens, you can start doing some things to prepare. You can clean your bedrooms walls and wash the windows one by one. It’s much easier to clean your property step-by-step, than spend the whole day-off for scrubbing and washing the area from top to bottom. A Proper End of lease cleaning can be time taking, specially if your property manager is hard to deal with.
  1. Take Care of Your Pets!
According the law, if you have pets then you must get pets control and flea treatment done in the property. Also, think about bringing your pets to a friend or family member on the day you have property inspection. This will help you to save them from unnecessary stress of seeing strangers walking inside your house. Do contact your property manager, asking them whether you just have to get the pest control done on outside only or inside as well. You can save a whopping $100 if your property manager wants outside only flea treatment. Proper house cleaning Sydney
  1. Consider Proper Cleaning
A brilliant cleaning should certainly include scrubbing of the shower screen, making all windows streak free, spot cleaning the carpets and making sure all the corners of your home are free of dust. Naturally, you don’t have to stay the whole day on your knees, scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom’s corners. But your agent and landlord will be happy to see that you can keep the property in a perfect condition and this will make them keep you on as a tenant. Hiring professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney can also reduce the stress from your shoulders.
  1. Do all Necessary Repairs (if needed)
Your Real estate & property manager expect the property to be in the same condition as it was leased to you originally. Pay attention to carpet stains, dings in the walls, and blown light bulbs. Although it is still a question whose responsibility is fixing this or that thing, you should fix the problem if that’s your fault.  If there’s a problem with electrics or plumbing, your landlord has to take care of it.  But he is not to blame if you’ve spilled a glass of red wine on the carpet or broke the chair.
  1. Prepare Issues You Want to Discuss
Another thing to remember is that rental inspections were not created just to benefit the landlord.  These can be very helpful if you want to discuss any maintenance problems you have and which are not your responsibility. For instance, you may face problem when toilet keeps blocking. This is a structural problem that has to be solved by the landlord. As a tenant your responsibility is to inform about the issue. But if you’ve smashed the window during a party, that’s completely your responsibility.
  1. If There is a Garden, Take Care of It
Usually landscaping and gardens require big investment of time and money. That is why landlords are very serious about maintaining gardens on their properties. Be sure, your landlord will be very thankful if you take care of the landscaping. So, don’t forget to keep all the plants fed, waters and trimmed so this area looks really nice for the rental inspection.
  1. Don’t worry Too Much!
Actually, rental inspections were not created to make real estate agent or landlord argue with you and deduct your bond money.  The procedure doesn’t take more than 10 minutes. During this time the agent does a quick turn around the property to see if there are any serious damages or potential problems. There’s nothing too complicated or awful in the inspection. So, don’t get worried too much. Just make sure to clean up your property well, so once they enter it, they feel themselves comfortable and relaxed. Leaving a good impression is a must when it comes to property inspection, so that your real estate agent is happy with the clean. If you do not want to do all the cleaning chores for your end of lease then simply give us a call! We at Bond Cleaning Sydney make sure that your house looks as good as new and also provide 100% bond return guarantee.