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Top 5 Ways to Clean Your Office and Commercial Building

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Top 5 Ways to Clean Your Office and Commercial Building
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  • Apr 27 2016
When it comes to a commercial building or an office, cleanliness is crucial and there should be made no compromises about it. Dust, dirt and other imperfections can negatively affect both facilities and employees. A clean and pleasant work environment will certainly improve employees’ safety, health and efficiency. Besides that, you’ll benefit from better equipment longevity.

Are there any other benefits of keeping your office clean?

In addition to the effects mentioned above, a clean work environment can provide a lasting positive impression on your clients. Just imagine the situation when one of your customers has to wait in a lobby or a waiting room - what first impression do you want him/her to have?

Would you like your business to appear professional, clean and organized? Or would you rather make your client feel himself in a messy, dirty and unorganized place? We’re sure that you’ve selected the first variant, haven’t you?

Here are 5 easy steps you can take to make a wonderful first impression on any customer who comes to your office. Office cleaning in Sydney has never been easier!

1. Control High Traffic Areas

The so-called high traffic areas include the areas in your office with more intensive foot traffic. Your lobby is usually one of the most commonly visited places. As a result there can be more dirt on the floor and carpet, and these can wear faster.

To always make a positive impression on the visitors, make sure you pay enough attention to this zone and clean it regularly. Looking for a professional help? Consider hiring BondCleaningSydney, we will definitely make your lobby look perfect.

2. Disinfect the restrooms

Disinfection of rest rooms is necessary not just for a clean company office, but also for the safety of the employees and customers. Being another high traffic area, restroom should be properly cleaned every single day.

The toilet bowls should be scrubbed with a disinfecting cleaner, the sink and counter areas should be wiped, the floors should be also properly swept and mopped with special cleaners.

3. Don’t Forget About “Smell Check”

  Smell is the first thing people usually notice. That is why it is so important to make sure you have a fresh and pleasant air in your office. The main sources of bad and unpleasant odors are usually trapped in unclean carpets and ventilation systems.

Even during regular, every day office activities a lot of air pollutants such as dust, dander and certain chemicals are released. Pulled into the HVAC system, these contaminants are recirculated 5-7 times a day causing outgrowth in your ventilation system.

As a result, there appears a musty, stale odor that causes serious problems for those having respiratory health conditions, allergies or autoimmune disorders. If you want to avoid getting a stinky reputation, try to regularly clean your HVAC vents. If you are not sure how to do that properly, call professional office cleaners in Sydney and be sure they’ll make your office smell fresh and nice.

4. Wash Your Windows

  Windows are a perfect way to make your workplace look bright with a natural sunlight. But, if these are not clean, they can brighten all those smudges, dust and other imperfections you have in the office.

And of course these are not the things you wish your customers see during their visit. Cleaning the windows, especially those in high traffic areas will certainly make your business look professional and attractive.

5. Consider Regular Dusting

Another way to make a good impression is to keep all the furniture in your office lobby clean and free of dust. Pay attention to stands, tables, lamps and all other fixtures you have in your reception area.

Although carpets and entrance mats can hide some dirt, dusty equipment and furniture can be easily observed by clients, especially when they have to wait for a long time in your lobby. Setting up a great reputation of your company is not easy.

But making your reception area look clean and cozy is the great first step you may take. It can be very profitable for you not only because of aesthetic, professional and organized look you may get, but also because you can save on long-term replacement costs.

If you need a professional assistance, you might be interested in the services provided by BondCleaningSydney. By hiring us, you can be sure to get high quality office cleaning that will make your office look stunning and welcoming for sure!