Why Your Drain Smells and How to Fix It Fast


Why Your Drain Smells and How to Fix It Fast

By : Kate Windle
If a bad smell is coming out of your drains, you are not alone. It is a common issue that almost all household faces. But what’s the cause? It could just be bacteria or a clog, or it could be something more serious like a sewer gas leak that can lead to serious health issues like breathing problem.

When you smell something off coming from your drains, you need to make some effort to eliminate the smell. However, for that, first, you need to find out the source of the smell.

People usually find this task unpleasant, so they prefer to hire professional end of lease cleaners Sydney. They can give your entire kitchen and bathroom a deep cleaning and help you to get rid of the bad drain smell.

The experts use modern tools, effective products and methods to make the task a lot easier and quicker. If you want to perform the task on your own, you must know about the right methods.

Read on to know more about why your drain smells and how to fix it fast.

What Causes A Smelly Kitchen Drain?

The weird drain smells are usually caused by the food particles and the other debris that got stuck in the areas where they should not be.

  • Food build-up in the kitchen sink can promote the growth of germs and mould, increasing the bad odour. So, remove the dirt and germs first. It is one of the cleaning basics you should probably know.
  • People often dump the grease and oil directly in the sink that congeals in sink pipes. Gradually it decomposes, which leads to rotten smells.
  • Do not forget about the garbage disposal! It is one of the main reasons behind the bad drain smell. Sure, help to get rid of garbage leftovers and certainly requires deep cleaning once in a while.
  • What Causes A Smelly Bathroom Drain?

    The following two reasons are responsible for the bad smell in your bathroom drain.

  • Hair and soap scum are examples of debris that can become stuck in your drain and harden into grease. They not only clog your drain but also probably smell weird.
  • Actually, the U-shaped pipe that runs beneath the majority of sinks and has a little bit of water in it prevents foul sewer fumes from getting into your house.
  • Supplies to Clean a Drain and Remove Smell

  • A gentle but effective dish soap
  • Your favourite sponge/scrubber
  • Plungers for Kitchen and/or bathroom
  • How to Remove Smell from Kitchen Drain

    Try the following ways to clean your sink and drain, which will remove the bad smell.

  • Utilise a sink stopper, scrub the sink with dish soap and watch with hot water.
  • After soaking, give the entire area a thorough scrub, including the faucet and the area around the sink.
  • Remove whatever debris you observe. You may even use an old toothbrush on the tiniest crevices if you feel there is a requirement.
  • If the surface is too dirty to clean on your own, contact trained end of lease cleaners in Sydney, New South Wales. Avoiding sink cleaning is one of the cleaning mistakes that are making your home dirtier.
  • If the smells are still present, move on to the drain

  • While it may be tempting to use a store-bought drain cleaner to address your issue quickly, most plumbers will advise against doing so. It is because these products have harsh chemicals, which can cause harm to the pipes and lead to longer-term problems. So you only use natural products and methods.
  • Remove any food scraps or trash that may be stuck in the garbage disposal or drain. Make sure to unplug the garbage disposal first to avoid the possibility of electric shock or other accidents.
  • To soften the blockage, slowly pour or run hot water down the drain. You can use a tea kettle to pour boiling water.
  • Dish soap should then be used to remove oily build-ups in the drain.
  • Repeat the following steps using a kitchen plunger if the drain is still plugged.
  • Drain still smells bad? To remove the odour, toss some citrus peels into the garbage disposal and run it. Any food particles clinging to the blades can be removed from the disposal by running it while filled with ice cubes.
  • How to Remove Smell from Bathroom Drain

    The following ways will help you a lot to eliminate the bad smell from the bathroom drain.

  • Start with the sink clean-up.
  • Utilise a sink stopper and fill the sink with hot water and dish soap that has a grease-cutting formula.
  • After soaking, give the entire area a thorough scrub, including the faucet and the area around the sink. Remove any obvious gunk. Get rid of all the toothpaste smears, makeup particles and lotion spills.
  • Search and remove any loose material in the drain.
  • Pour dish soap and nearly boiling water down the drain.
  • If necessary, use a plunger and repeat the process.
  • Take Away

    Drain smells is a common problem for household, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it. Try the aforementioned ways to eliminate the drain smell in the best possible manner and use chemical-free methods to ensure indoor air-quality is safe.

    If you need professional help, contact a company that offers reliable end of lease cleaning in Sydney. You can expect to get a flawless result.