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10 Fun And Exciting Cleaning Games For Kids

10 Fun And Exciting Cleaning Games For Kids
  • Hannah
  • Jan 21 2021
When it comes to cleaning and sanitising, fun and exciting are rarely used words to describe the activity. Cleaning is a tedious and taxing chore for most adults and children who do not find the activity stimulating.

However, cleaning is a habit everyone should inculcate in their children to maintain personal hygiene and keep the house neat and tidy. Regular sanitation is necessary for good mental and physical health of all household members. Therefore, ensure your children are aware of the benefits of cleaning and do the chores with free will.

While getting your kids involved, make sure to let them do general cleaning tasks rather than major ones like the end of lease cleaning. For deep cleaning, you can hire professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney to sanitise your rental property.

For everyday cleaning, you can get your children to help by making the activities entertaining. Here are nine fun and exciting cleaning games to play with your kids to get them to like cleaning. Have a look.

1. Be Gone Clutter

Teach your children to declutter small areas, cabinets, tables, drawers etc., by playing this exciting game with them. Give each child a basket and ask them to fill it with the things you ask them.

If one child is collecting wrappers, plastic scrapes, and other trash around the house, then the other one can collect clothes for laundry. Calculate the time it takes each child to complete their tasks to make the game enjoyably competitive.

2. Put Toys to Sleep

This game is especially exciting for toddlers and pre-schoolers as you can make putting away toys at the right place fun. Tell your child that toys need to rest and sleep at the right place after he/she is done playing with them. Ask them to put them to sleep, and your child should collect his/her toys and place them in the toy basket, cabinet or drawer.

3. Bust Dust Bunnies

Get your children to dust surfaces and objects in the house by playing bust dust bunnies. Count the number of dust bunnies they clean and reward whoever busts the most of them. This game is excellent for teaching your children dusting.

4. Conduct a Cleaning Supplies Treasure Hunt

This game is excellent for older children who can identify items and find them using the treasure hunt hints hidden in different house areas. Play this game with them to help them find and learn about cleaning products and tools.

Also, it is an excellent way to know which products are empty and need restocking. This way, you can know which product you should shop for rather than getting cleaning supplies before previous ones are used.

5. Who Cleans the Fastest?

Create a ten minutes cleaning schedule for your adolescent and teenage children. Using a stop-clock, see how much time each one takes to complete the routine. Whoever completes the chores the fastest wins, and you can reward them.

6. Act like a Professional

Play dress-up with your children and ask them to act like professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney. Give them supplies like microfiber cloths, dusters, brushes, etc., to clean small areas.

You can also ask them to help with sweeping and mopping while wearing gloves, goggles, aprons and other personal protective equipment. Teach them what professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney do and get them to act like them while cleaning.

7. What to Donate?

Play the game of what to donate with your older children to help them understand the concepts of decluttering and giving away things to make others happy. Teach them about donating and tell them that they can make space for new things by donating things they don’t need anymore.

You can ask them to pick clothes, toys, books, and other items they have outgrown. Help them pack these items in boxes and take your children along to drop boxes at donation centres.

8. Musical Cleaning Statue

Ask your children to play a game of musical cleaning with you and other family members. Play music while everyone does chores, and when the music stops, everyone has to stand still like a statue. Stop and start the music randomly to make cleaning fun and have a great time with your family.

9. Roll the Dice

Create a list of cleaning chores for your family and designate numbers to each one. Let every member roll dice, and whichever number they get, they have to do that task. For your children, make a list of doable and easy tasks such as picking up toys, dusting, folding clothes, wiping furniture etc.

10. Simon Says

Customise the game to include chores and help your children have fun while doing small cleaning tasks. This game is excellent for getting your kids to organise toys, put dirty dishes in the sink, segregate white clothes from coloured ones for laundry, and do much more.

Wrapping Up

Teaching children cleaning and sanitising is vital for inculcating good habits and maintaining good mental health and physical health. Start playing the games mentioned above to get your kids interested in doing regular house cleaning chores.

For deep cleaning tasks, seek the assistance of professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney who can sanitise your rental property and ensure the real estate is cleaned without any hassle to you or your children.