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7 Tips for Hiring End of Lease Cleaners during COVID 19 Pandemic

7 Tips for Hiring End of Lease Cleaners during COVID 19 Pandemic
  • Hannah
  • May 28 2020
With the COVID-19 pandemic causing everyone to take sanitation seriously, more and more tenants who are at the end of their tenancies and honouring the agreements by moving out are seeking the assistance of professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney.<

Some tenants have to opt for professionals because it is in the lease contract while others may be at liberty to do it themselves. After the outbreak, people are unsure about how to clean their rented property correctly, which is one of the prime reasons why tenants are booking cleaning companies.

For tenants preparing to move to a new home, here are seven tips for hiring end of lease cleaners during COVID-19 pandemic.

Do Research Properly

The first step to getting reliable cleaners is to start researching to help find the best available option. People who make the mistake of not learning about the company and the cleaners may have to pay more than agreed or worse have to get the job done again.<

To avoid these situations from arising, it is essential to learn about a company’s reputation, years of business, number of resources, client reviews, etc. Less-established businesses are willing to take advantage of a tenant’s lack of knowledge by offering services at cheap rates but not provide excellent services.<

Ask for Quotes

Asking companies to provide quotes for their services is standard practice before booking end of lease cleaners in Sydney. These quotes are generated to give an idea to the customer of how much the end of lease cleaning and other additional services will cost.<

By getting the quotes, a tenant can decide which cleaners to choose depending on affordability. Most reputed companies provide free quotes over email or call after getting the interested customer to fill a form or have a telephonic conversation with their sales representatives. This practice prevents visiting the office of the cleaners and limits exposure, which is necessary during a pandemic.<

Ensure they provide Bond Back Guarantee

One of the main reasons for hiring professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney is to secure your bond, which is usually a month’s rent deposited to the landlord/realtor at the start of a tenancy. The security money is released by the property owner after the final inspection when the tenant leaves the rented space having performed end of lease cleaning.<

If the property is not returned in the same condition it was in during occupation, there can be deductions from the security money, or the entire amount can be used to perform the cleaning and repairs. Therefore, ensuring that the cleaners provide bond back guarantee is essential.

Learn about the Cleaners’ Qualifications, Background and Training

While hiring end of lease cleaners in Sydney be wise and learn about their qualifications and background. Most reputed companies have dossiers of all their employees and contractual cleaners which they can present when a client requires them for reference.<

In addition, to inquiring about your hired cleaners’ credentials, knowing they are trained and adept for cleaning a residential property during a pandemic is essential. Don’t book cleaners that cannot provide required information regarding their work experience and documents like certificates, identification cards, work permit etc.

They Have and Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

During a pandemic, being cautious while performing end of lease cleaning is the responsibility of professionals. Therefore, they should have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and it is your responsibility to inquire if the end of lease cleaners in Sydney you are interested in hiring to have and wear them during jobs.<

The list of equipment includes gloves, masks, goggles, protective overalls, helmets, face shields, etc. It is imperative for professionals to wear these protective gears while performing sanitation activities, especially during the outbreak of an infectious disease.

The company has Rescheduling/Cancellation/Refund Policies

Since the pandemic has made planning for a move more challenging than in normal times, changes and delays can happen. Hence while seeking the assistance of a cleaning company ensure they have customer-friendly policies regarding rescheduling, cancellation or refund.<

Reputed companies usually provide a timeframe of 24-hours after booking for full refunds and changes. However, due to the pandemic, these companies may offer more time. Inquiring about their policies is essential because you may have to postpone or cancel your move due to unforeseen circumstances.<

Professionals have the Right Products and Tools

While performing the important task of the final sanitation of a property after a tenancy ends during a pandemic, professionals should have cleaning and disinfecting products approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administrations.<

Also, they should have access to equipment and tools such as vacuum cleaners, microfiber cloths, dusters, brushes, steam cleaners etc. Without having the right tools and products, the cleaners cannot carry out the required activities effectively or efficiently.<

Wrapping Up

Moving is stressful and challenging, as there are many tasks to complete among which end of lease cleaning is of utmost importance. When the process is to be managed during a pandemic, seeking professional assistance to get the property sanitised becomes more crucial.<

The tips mentioned in this guide about hiring end of lease cleaners in Sydney during COVID-19 pandemic are useful and will help find the best professionals in the industry.<