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Top 7 End Of Lease Cleaning Tips To Get Your Bond Back

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Top 7 End Of Lease Cleaning Tips To Get Your Bond Back
  • Hannah
  • Jun 05 2020
It is standard procedure for tenants to perform a final clean up at the end of tenancy after their belongings are moved. This activity is called the end of lease cleaning, which is done to return the property in the same sanitary and liveable condition it was in at the start of the tenancy.

If a tenant fails to accurately and adequately clean the property, then the landlord has the right to deduct the required amount from the bond money to sanitise the house or unit. Therefore, to secure the entire security deposit, which is usually one month’s rent lessee has to ensure this activity is completed according to a set standard.

Here is a complete guide for tenants preparing to move out and need to purge the property. It outlines seven useful tips to your bond back by the expert end of lease cleaners in Sydney.

Understand the Cleaning Requirements

Before starting the process of deep cleaning the property, analyse the requirements because even with regular upkeep, there will be a lot of areas to purge. Tenants must understand that end of lease cleaning is different than regular cleaning requiring time, energy, and use of the right products and techniques.

It has to be performed to meet the specific criteria and requirements of the property owner/inspector. Many people make the mistake of not analysing the things that are required to be done for a bond cleaning and end up losing all of the security deposit or a hefty portion of it.

Follow a Checklist

To complete the back-breaking and crucial tasks of bond cleaning, it becomes necessary to have a strategic approach and follow a checklist. Reputed end of lease cleaners in Sydney always perform tasks according to an approved cleaning checklist that is prepared according to the expectations of property owners and inspectors.

If you have hired professional, then rest assured they will have a proper list of things to do and complete each task. For those planning to perform a DIY end of lease cleaning, you can download a pre-made task sheet from the internet.

Make Sure the Carpets Are Clean

It is common for tenants to have money deducted from their security deposits because the carpets are not cleaned adequately. Therefore, if your property has carpeted floors first make sure they are vacuumed regularly during your tenancy and at the time of the end of lease cleaning they are exclusively paid attention to.

If your landlord had the carpets shampooed or steam cleaned, then you will have to hire professionals to perform these services before moving out. In case the carpets need vacuuming only then make sure they are spot cleaned as well.

Don’t Forget to Clean Walls and Baseboards

Cleaning the walls and baseboards are not part of daily cleaning, but it is an important task of end of tenancy purging. Usually, these surfaces are not heavily soiled, and it is easy to tend to them by spot cleaning, vacuuming, and wiping with a cleaning solution.

However, for tenants with small children and pets, cleaning the walls and baseboards may require extra attention and elbow grease. In case these surfaces are extremely dirty, it would be best to seek the assistance of professionals and avail wash washing service in Sydney.

Clean Window/Door Frames and Tracks

Since these areas are not paid attention to usually dust, dirt, moisture, and debris can accumulate in them. Contrary to popular belief, these areas are not hard to clean if you have the right tools, water, and liquid soap. The easiest way to remove dust and debris from tracks and frames is to use the crevice tool to the vacuum cleaners for suctioning.

Other methods include using sponges dipped in cleaning solutions, wiping with microfiber cloths, brushing etc. A practical DIY approach is to wrap cloth rags at the ends of tongs, spray them with cleaning solution, and wipe between the crevices to clean build-up.

If you have hired professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney, they will have the products and tools to remove contaminants from window/door tracks and frames within minutes.

Remove Mould Spots

Due to excessive moisture, seepage, or poor ventilation, various rooms in a house can develop mould spots. They are unsightly and make the indoor air quality poor. Removing these spots is essential when moving out a home because the landlord can deduct money from your bond deposit if the spots were not present at the time of occupation by the tenant.

The quickest way to treat mould spots is to spray white vinegar, leave it for 1 hour and later scrub the areas using warm water, soap and brush. Make sure to dry the area and respray vinegar to prevent the growth of the fungus again.

Note: If the infestation is significant, then it would be wise to hire experts for mould remediation as it can be unhealthy to clean it without proper protective equipment and the right products.

Get Assistance of Professionals

The surest way to have the final clean-up performed correctly and get your bond back is to book professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney. Not only do the experts know what to do, but they also have the right products and tools for optimum results.

Therefore, start searching for reputed companies offering end of lease cleaning services in Sydney providing bond back guarantees. By hiring experienced and reliable professionals, tenants can save a lot of time and energy, which can be utilised for completion of other moving-related responsibilities.


End of lease cleaning is a challenging, stressful, and overwhelming process that requires purging of the entire property. If this activity is not performed accurately, a tenant stands to lose a portion of the security deposit o all of it. Therefore, if you are a tenant, this guide having seven useful tips by professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney will provide valuable insights.