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8 Bad Cleaning Habits You Need to Break

8 Bad Cleaning Habits You Need to Break
  • Hannah
  • Apr 16 2018
Everyone likes a clean and serene space, but when it comes to the cleaning of our house, we all have bad habits. These cleaning habits not only add extra hours to our spring-cleaning time but also make our efforts merely ineffective and futile. Consequently, it gets harder to maintain cleanliness of the home. No matter how many DIY techniques and methods you learn and adapt, until and unless you don’t break your bad habits, you cannot keep your house fresh and hygienic.

Many people instinctively get used to some practices that gradually develop into bad cleaning habits, contributing to the bad condition of the house at all times. Cleaning is one of the most laborious tasks, and with these bad practices, it becomes even more challenging to keep up with the spring-cleaning routine.

Therefore, it’s important to learn from mistakes and try breaking these bad habits. However, to get rid of the stress of keeping your house clean, taking the assistance of professional cleaners for spring cleaning Sydney is the best solution. They are trained cleaners who have the expertise to use effective techniques and make the house look fresh and sparkling.

Find 8 most common bad cleaning habits and how you can break them:

1. Using Cleaning Products in Excess

Sometimes people think that the more cleaning products they will use the better results it will give. If a cleaner is working well, then people start using more and more quantity of it to get better results. Whereas, Using too much cleaning products can actually cause more harm than good. It is better to use green cleaning techniques in Sydney.

Therefore, it is essential to read the instructions beforehand and use only the recommended amount. If the excess product is not washed off properly, then its remains can become a soil trapping dirt magnet. Moreover, you will have to wash more not only to remove the dirt but also the excess detergent or the cleaning product that you have used. Therefore, use these products moderately as if you use extra cleaners, then you will only waste your money and time.

2. Using Dirty Cleaning Tools.

We all use cleaning tools, but we don’t pay attention to the cleanliness of these tools itself. It’s important to understand that cleaning tools also get dirty while doing all that housework. Equipment such as vacuum cleaners, mops and brooms, dishwashers, washing machines etc., also need to be cleaned so that they can do their dusting and washing jobs well.

For example, your vacuum cleaner will not be able to clean the floor or vacuum efficiently if its bag is already full. Make sure that you wash and sanitise these tools after few uses.

3. Leaving Greasy Dishes in the Sink

Washing dishes just after you have eaten is not a huge task, but most of the people in Sydney have the habit of leaving them after eating in the sink and hence collecting a huge pile of dirty dishes to be washed later. The worst part is that these greasy dishes in the sink create a perfect ground for the germs to develop and spread.

It doesn’t take too long to wash off the dirty dish. Therefore, it’s better to adopt the habit of cleaning dishes right after the meals and in fact, train everyone in the house to wash the dishes immediately or either put them in the dishwasher.

4. Not Washing the Sheets and Towels Often

People do not realise, but the sheets and towels get dirty too often. It’s a habit of many people in Sydney to clean the sheets and towels twice or even once a month. But, they tend to get very grimy and untidy too soon. Therefore, cleaning them at least once a week is essential.

5. Stuffing Everything in One Place

Almost everyone is guilty of this one, as most of the people have the habit of stuffing all the unnecessary things in one place. People do it in order to postpone the mess and avoid having to deal with it. These extra things add up quickly and take up a lot of space in our homes.

For example, drawers- a lot of unwanted stuff is packed inside the drawers. You should keep only things that are useful, and everything should be kept in a place where it belongs to.

To get rid of this habit, you can start with clearing off your drawers, dispose of any expired food items from your fridge, dispose of the old or unusable cooking utensils from the kitchen, and most importantly take out all those old clothes from the wardrobe. Check out the entire house and get rid of anything unnecessary you come across.

6. Cleaning Entire Bathroom Using One Disinfectant

Using disinfectant wipes are a good method to clean up the bathroom. But most people make the mistake of using the same wipe for the entire bathroom. We don’t realise that after we are done with the toilet seat and the door knobs, the disinfectant qualities are gone and using it further will simply spread bacteria from one surface to another. The wipe should contain enough amount of disinfectant moisture to clean a different surface. Therefore, use multiple wipes or clean cloth with adequate disinfectant for a thorough scrubbing.

7. Using Harsh Chemicals

Using harsh chemicals for cleaning purpose is also one bad habit. People think that the more chemical properties a cleaning product will have, the more effective results it will give, however, this is not true. In fact, these harsh chemicals are not only dangerous to use but also can have harmful effects on the environment. Harsh cleaners damage the equipment or floor and create hazards for your pets and family.

Hence it is good to break away this habit and use more green products for cleaning. They are easy to use and give result better than the chemicals.

8. Waiting Too Long to Clean

People keep on waiting to clean until the house becomes messy and filthy. This makes the whole process of cleaning overwhelming. It not only takes a lot of time but also takes extra efforts to remove the spills that have been dried out since they got on the floor.

This is one habit that is hardest to break as it gets difficult to clean frequently in our busy schedules in a big city like Sydney. But if you do a bit of cleaning each day and involve everyone in your family to do some of the chores, the entire house cleaning will not be tiring.


Living in healthy and hygienic surroundings is vital. To keep your house clean, make sure you keep up with a regular cleaning routine. People do not realise it often and develop certain bad cleaning habits that can be harmful to the environment and your family as well.

Be aware of your poor cleaning habits and make every possible effort to get rid of them. Remember, you always have the option of hiring experienced and reliable professionals like Bond Cleaning Sydney for the job. They use appropriate measures for clean-up of the house and take extra care to give you the best results.