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Important Tips to Deep-Clean Coffee/Tea Stains

coffee spilled on carpet with tilted coffee mug
Important Tips to Deep-Clean Coffee/Tea Stains
  • Hannah
  • Mar 21 2018
Everyone has had their greasy experiences with blistering coffee or tea. Coffee and tea are universally acclaimed and special beverages popular all over the world. Millions of people start their day with a cup of coffee or tea. However, the one issue it has is that it gets easily spilled anywhere and leaves behind stubborn stains that are quite noticeable.

These stains are quite strong and hence cannot be easily removed. It gets annoying to see our walls, carpets or furniture greased due to these stains. It is inevitable to control these beverages from spilling out anywhere anytime; hence it’s vital that you find out the best remedies to remove these spatters.

A coffee or tea stain can be highly exasperating and so its removal. Getting rid of these stains sometimes seems impossible, but you can lift it out using some techniques. Although many methods can be used to remove these marks but taking professional assistance is better and gives desired results. Professional Cleaning Company in Sydney like Bond Cleaning in Sydney have a team of well-trained cleaners who have green cleaning techniques to remove all kind of stains and clean your house properly. Here are some important tips to deep-clean coffee/tea deposits. Follow the directions and say goodbye to these stains:

Coffee/Tea Stains from Carpet

If your carpet has been covered with the stains, the foremost thing you need to do is act fast on it. The more immediate action you will take the lighter the mark will be. Let’s look at some of the methods you can try to get rid of these stains from carpets:

Vinegar- First, you need to blot up as much of the coffee/tea as you can with a clean cloth so that no moisture remains there. A good option to use to remove the tea stain is vinegar, which is easily available in Sydney. Pat the undiluted vinegar on the stained area and let it sit for almost ten minutes. After that sponge the carpet with water.

Detergent- Another solution is to make using one tablespoon of liquid hand washing detergent and white vinegar with two glasses of lukewarm water and smear with an unsoiled cloth and blot it until the coffee/tea stain vanishes. Finish it off by sponging with cold water before blotting dry.

Beer- Beer is one great option to get rid of that coffee stain out of your carpet. All you need to do is pour a bit of beer over the stain and smear the beer evenly into the material. This will fade away coffee/tea stain. However, if it does not diminish in one try, then you may have to repeat the process a few times.

Salt- Salt is beneficial in removing a coffee/tea stain from the carpet. Pour a generous amount of salt on the affected area and add up a bit of club soda over it. Rinse it off with cold water.

Carpet Stain Remover- Apply water to the stain and abstain from using a lot of water as it will spread the stain all over the carpet. Dab the stained area of the carpet comprehensively. Then apply a carpet stain remover to work on the carpet.

Removing Stains from Glass

Here are some ingredients to use for removing coffee/tea stain from a glass surfaces in Sydney:

Baking soda- Simply mix one part of baking soda and one part of toothpaste and apply the resulting solution with a white cloth to the stain. Let the paste sit on the glass for some time and wipe it clean with a cloth.

Mayonnaise - Another ingredient that you can use is the popular eatable -mayonnaise. Just put some mayonnaise on the stain over the glass and leave it overnight. Wipe it off in the morning.

Non-gel toothpaste- To get rid of a tough stain, use this method. Apply a small amount of toothpaste over the wet stained area. Use a soft bristled brush to scrub off the spot without damaging the glass. Wipe off the toothpaste remains after scrubbing.

Clearing Stains on Wood

This is how you can remove these stains from wooden surfaces:

Mild Detergent- For eliminating coffee/tea deposits from wooden surfaces, you need a mild detergent. Wipe the surface gently with a cloth dipped in the detergent and water. Rinse thoroughly afterwards with a wet towel. Polish the wood as soon as the stain the affected area dries up.

Vinegar- You can also use vinegar to remove a coffee stain from wooden surfaces. Pour one tablespoon of white vinegar onto the stain and let it sit for one minute. Wipe off the vinegar with clean paper towels after that and let the wood dry completely.

Do not forget to polish the wood to restore its natural shine. Use a cloth to rub the wood polish over the wooden surface in a circular motion. Let the polish dry for at least half an hour and repeat the process until your wood gets the desired appearance and shine.

Managing Stains on Marble floors

Washing Soda- You need a solution of detergent/washing soda and water to remove the coffee/tea deposits from a marble floor. Rinse well using the solution and wipe dry.

Removing Stains from Leather

Carefully blot up the excess liquid to remove tea/coffee marks from leather. Make a solution using lukewarm water and mild soap and create bubbles out of it in large volume. Apply only the foam thus created using a sponge. Wipe the leather dry with a dry cloth.

Eradicating Stains from Walls

To remove tea/coffee tint from walls, begin with removing loose dirt and cobwebs. Fill a bucket half of warm water. Add enough amount of detergent to create foam in the water. Refrain from adding too much soap as it will cause the walls to become sticky and will attract more dust. Use a sponge, damp it with the solution, squeeze out excess water and wipe down the wall, from side to side and from top to bottom. Use a dry towel, in the end, to wipe up excess moisture left behind on the wall.

Clearing Stains from Furniture

Chances of coffee/tea spilling on furniture are very likely as we use our favourite couch all the time, whether for enjoying a cup of tea with a book or watching a movie etc. But you don’t need to buy the expensive upholstery cleaner as there are some simple methods that you can try using basic supplies available at home and domestic stores in Sydney:

Just add dishwashing liquid and vinegar in equal amounts (1 tablespoon each) with 2 cups of cold water. Sponge the spot using this solution. Make sure the stained area is wet adequately to remove the stain. Blot it until the liquid is absorbed. Repeat the process until the tea stain is cleared completely. Use a fresh piece of cloth at the end to remove the cleaning solution and blot it dry.

Prepare a solution of hand washing detergent along with two glasses of cold water. Dab the detergent using a cloth. Blot meticulously till the coffee/tea stain flees off the furniture. Keep blotting until the stain dissolves. Finish it off by using cold water at the affected area and let it dry.

Additional Tips

  • Petroleum jelly also yields satisfactory results when it comes to the removal of coffee/tea deposits. It replaces watermark with oil, and then it can be rubbed off easily.
  • Lemon juice can also be used to remove these stubborn blotches. However, do not forget to remove the lemon residue after treatment.
  • Always use white or at least clean cotton or paper towels to remove these marks.
  • Repeat the methods until you get the best results.


These are a few ways to get rid of coffee or tea deposits from some most commonly affected areas. However, if you are not satisfied with the results and are unable to remove these tough stains, you can contact a professional cleaning Company like Bond Cleaning Sydney. They are the best choice for high quality, eco-friendly and affordable cleaning services. They offer natural cleaning techniques that are fast and of the best quality.