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5 Important Rules to Follow in Order to Keep Your House Clean

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5 Important Rules to Follow in Order to Keep Your House Clean
  • Hannah
  • Feb 16 2018
A clean house makes you feel relaxed and peaceful. Fresh surroundings lift up the mood instantly. There are a lot of reasons for which a house should be clean, but the biggest is the health and hygiene of you and your family. However, many people fail to understand that keeping a house clean is less about the time involved and more about making a few good habits that you should pursue regularly. Keeping your home unsoiled may seem like a big chore but adopting the right practices can make it easy.

In a big and busy city like Sydney, keeping up with daily house cleaning is not easy. But, following some important rules can help in reducing the stress. The more you follow these rules, the easier they get. All you need is to make a suitable plan and know what areas to clean so that even after spending hours your house doesn’t look grimy.

Although if you feel that full house cleaning is tiresome and you cannot handle it, taking professional aid is better. Bond Cleaning Sydney is the best company for spring cleaning in Sydney. They have a team of professional cleaners who are experienced and well-versed with latest cleaning techniques. But if you wish to perform the task yourself, here is some useful information in this article.

Let’s take a look at these five important rules to follow to keep your house clean:

1. Declutter

Decluttering your home will automatically cut down the time of overall cleaning of the house. Make a specific spot for everything; it will make things a lot easier. Fewer items on the counters or here and there can ease out the whole process of cleaning. Decluttering can be really daunting if you have to do it all at once. Hence doing it at smaller intervals will be more comfortable. You can start decluttering in the morning every day. Clear your rooms, halls, tidy things up, maybe even get things ready for tomorrow.

2. Vacuuming and Mopping

Vacuuming is the basic part of cleaning. If possible, move all the movable furniture during vacuuming. Also, you must move your beds at least once a month and clean it underneath. Carpets become dirty very often as it covers all the floors of your home. Make sure to vacuum them regularly. Vacuum the closets. Empty the entire closet at least once a month. Declutter it completely and vacuum it properly. Not only inside but take care of the outside of your house.

Vacuum your garages once a month.

Mopping is equally important as vacuuming. Use oily soap to mop a hardwood floor. If it doesn’t get cleaned properly, you can use water and vinegar mixture. Vinegar will help in bringing back the shine of your floor. Use separate mops for wooden floors and tiled floor. One easy tip here is to mop the entire house in one go. This will cut short the mopping time. Don’t forget baseboards here. Clean them using a wet mop. Mop around chair and table legs and under the furniture also. These places may not be visible but collect a lot of dirt.

3. Always have basic cleaning supplies on hand

Make sure that all the items that you are going to need for cleaning purpose are available at your home. If not available it will be an excuse for you to skip your cleanliness. Hence do not give yourself this excuse. Make a cleaning kit and keep the necessary items in it. You can include items like- a disinfectant spray, vacuum cleaner, a dustpan and brush, mop and bucket, detergent and sponges, plenty of clean clothes to wipe down surfaces and any other thing you want to add. But it is always better to go with green house cleaning methods.

4. Involve everyone

Cleanliness is not something which can be done by a single person. Only if each member of the family is involved in some task or the other, you will be able to achieve a clean house regularly. You can assign age-appropriate jobs to all the house members. Teaching your kids a few cleaning tips will be better in the long run for both of you. You can ask your kids to keep their stuff at the right place after coming to home from school. Ask them to keep their shoes in the proper place, dishes in the dishwasher, cleaning their rooms regularly etc.

Over the time you will see that doing these small chores has also lessened the time that you have to devote to cleaning the whole house. Ask your spouse to participate equally. If you will do the cleaning along with your family members, it will help in doing it in lesser time and will make things easier for you.

5. Make a schedule and stick to it

Weekly cleaning is the backbone of your house cleaning regime. Make a weekly schedule for you cleaning and follow it. Organise the way you are going to go through the whole process. Make strategies that how will you start, where to start from etc. Try to take out time anyhow and keep up with the schedule. You will notice in some time that by keeping up with the plan, your house has started looking cleaner than ever.


Cleaning the house is a big task that takes a lot of time. In our busy schedules, we don’t get enough time for it. However, if the cleaning technique is right then you will not have to invest hours, and your house will look cleaner than ever. Although, if you feel that you don’t have enough time and energy to do it all by yourself then taking experts’ help is better. Bond Cleaning Sydney is the best spring cleaning company with green spring cleaning techniques and lots of experience in the cleaning business. Their cleaning is systematic and organised. They are highly equipped and will give you best results. Now, cleaning will be easier than ever.