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9 End Of Lease Cleaning Secrets Only Professional Cleaners Know

9 End Of Lease Cleaning Secrets Only Professional Cleaners Know
  • Hannah
  • Sep 07 2021
When tenants move out of the rental property, they have to deal with several difficult tasks. However, the most challenging task is to clean up the rental living space in a flawless manner. A lot of people decide to carry out the task on their own to save the money, but most of the time, tenants end up losing a hefty amount from their deposit money.

Therefore, it is always advisable to hire professionals who offer the best end of lease cleaning in Sydney. The professionals are aware of some tactics that help them to clean every corner of the property.

As a result, you pass the final inspection and get back the bond money. In case you are moving in a cost-effective manner and want to clean the property using DIY methods, you need to know about the tactics.

Here are some important end of lease cleaning secrets only professional cleaners know.

1. Prepare a Checklist

When it comes to the end of lease cleaning, tenants often overlook the significance of a checklist. It is a secret to carry on the task perfectly, and professionals are well aware of it.

Thus, all professional companies provide their cleaners with a standard checklist and make sure they follow them. If you want to clean every nook and corner of the property and do not skip any particular spot, follow a checklist.

2. Follow Top to Bottom Approach

Another secret that only professional cleaners know is the top to bottom approach. When tenants clean the rental property, they randomly choose the spots to clean. However, it is a big mistake you must avoid. When you follow top to bottom approach, you clean a room in a systematic manner, which save your time and effort.

3. Start from Kitchen

Your cooking area consumes maximum time during the end of lease cleaning. It is because your kitchen has various spots, and each area requires a different approach. Therefore, professionals always start the dusting process from the kitchen to carry out the task without any hustle. If you are cleaning the property yourself, follow this secret.

4. Use Cornstarch to Clean Windows

To give your window glasses a streak-free finish, you should consider using cornstarch to remove the dirt. As the granules are fine, cornstarch is naturally abrasive.

So, it effectively eliminates stubborn stains without causing any damage. First, apply vinegar-water solution and then sprinkle cornstarch on the glass surface. After that, scrub the surface with a soft sponge before washing the surface.

5. Pay Attention to the Hidden Spots

Tenants often neglect the hidden spots in the property during the end of lease cleaning, but it is a mistake that you must avoid at any cost. These areas include inside the oven and microwave, light fixtures, blinds, inside the drawers and so on. If you want to impress the landlord, you need to pay attention to these commonly overlooked areas of the home.

6. Remove Toilet Stains with Pumice Stone

If you want to remove the stains inside the toilet bowl, you must use a pumice stone. All you need to do is to dip on the stone in water so that it becomes a little soft and do not leave behind any scratches on the toilet surface. Professionals, who provide reliable end of lease cleaning in Sydney, know this secret.

7. Eliminate Marks from Wall with Magic Eraser

One of the most challenging tasks you can come across during end of lease cleaning is to clean the walls perfectly. Over time, your walls accumulate various stains, crayon and pencil marks, fingerprints, furniture scuff marks and so on. The best way to remove such marks is by using a magic eraser.

8. Clean Carpets at the End

Another secret of professional cleaners is that they always vacuum the carpet at the end of the process. It is because if you clean your carpets at the initial stage and then do the dusting of the entire property, the carpets will quickly get dirty once again. To avoid the hassle of dusting the carpets more than once, vacuum them at the last moment.

9. Use Eco-friendly Products for Cleaning

One of the main reasons why end of lease cleaning is time-consuming and difficult is because people usually choose store-bought products for the cleaning purpose.

However, experienced cleaners prefer to use eco-friendly products because it saves the time, gives an effective result and makes cleaning a lot easier. They use natural ingredients to make their own solutions. So, always use natural products to clean the property.

The Bottom Line

End of lease cleaning is challenging because your bond money and reputation as a tenant remains at stake. Therefore, you should always opt for the experienced end of lease cleaners in Sydney to get the job done in the best possible manner. If you do not have any options other than cleaning it on your own, keep in mind the cleaning secrets mentioned above. They will give you the result you want.