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Detailed Office Cleaning Checklist: Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Detailed Office Cleaning Checklist: Daily, Weekly and Monthly
  • Hannah
  • Feb 11 2020
Maintaining cleanliness at office is crucial to provide a clutter-free and neat work environment for employees and clients. As per the expert end of lease cleaners in Sydney, a dirty workspace can compromise the focus of staff and be a significant de-motivator.

Furthermore, an unclean office can become a breeding ground for bacteria & viruses, causing the rapid spread of bacterial infections and diseases through common objects and points of contacts. Hence, keeping your office clean is important to diminish the risk of an illness outbreak, maintain productivity, keep staff motivated, and make the office welcoming.

Cleaning an office is a continuous process that requires sanitising and disinfecting tasks to be done every day, week, and month. Want to know what these tasks are? Here is your complete guide containing the list of required supplies along with detailed daily, weekly, and monthly office cleaning checklists by renowned bond cleaners in Sydney.

Essential Office Cleaning Supplies

Here is a list of essential office cleaning products and tools to keep on hand for sanitising and disinfecting any area, any time.

  • Medium and large-sized containers, spray bottles, and dispensers to store cleaning and sanitising solutions
  • Paper towels, tissue rolls, and disinfecting wipes
  • A mild and non-toxic all-purpose cleaner
  • Baking Soda, White Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide, Rubbing Alcohol, and other natural cleaners
  • Dishwashing liquid and Castile Soap
  • Microfiber cleaning products such as mops, sweepers, dusters, wipes, cloths, and towels
  • Glass and mirror cleaners
  • Toilet cleaner and disinfectant
  • Sponges and brushes
  • Squeegees
  • Trashcans and dustpans
  • Polishes for wooden surfaces and upholstery

  • Daily Office Cleaning Checklist

    Cleaning your office every day is necessary to keep it inviting for staff and anyone visiting the premises. The daily office cleaning checklist includes tasks to sanitise communal and entry areas. The details are mentioned as follows.

    Reception, Entryway, and Lobby

  • Dust and Wipe all the desks, tables, stools, chairs, fixtures and other surfaces
  • Remove any scuff marks or cobwebs on walls
  • Replace old flowers with new ones if there are flower vases
  • Disinfect door handles and knobs
  • Clean glasses and mirror
  • Empty the garbage bins and place new trash bags
  • Vacuum the floors, carpets, and rugs to remove dust
  • Mop all the hard floors

  • Washrooms

  • Wipe and clean mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Pour toilet cleaning solution in all the bowls and leave for 5-10 minutes
  • Dust and wipe countertops, washbasins, cabinets etc.
  • Brush and clean toilet bowls
  • Sanitise the outside areas of toilets
  • Disinfect the toilet seat, door handles, and cabinet knobs
  • Place toilet rolls and paper towels
  • Dispose of the trash
  • Vacuum and mop the floors

  • Kitchen or Pantry

  • Wipe and disinfect all surfaces
  • Clean utensils and place them properly
  • Clean and sanitise the cabinets, sink, microwave oven, coffee maker and other kitchen appliances
  • Disinfect door and cabinet handles and knobs
  • Vacuum and mop the floor

  • Weekly Office Cleaning Checklist

    Every week perform deep cleaning by tending to areas, surfaces, and objects that don’t get dirty daily and but requires occasional sanitation. Here is a list of weekly office cleaning tasks.

  • Wash, squeegee, and wipe all windows
  • Vacuum and remove stains from upholstery
  • Clean baseboards and marks from walls
  • Declutter and wipe the refrigerator
  • Clean hard to reach spaces

  • Monthly Office Cleaning Checklist

    The monthly office cleaning checklist consists of tasks that don’t need to be done daily and weekly. Most monthly cleaning tasks are time-consuming, and most business owners hire professional cleaners in Sydney to do them. These tasks include:

  • Upholstery steam and carpet cleaning or shampooing
  • Washing and cleaning ceilings, walls, and baseboards
  • Wiping high surfaces and objects
  • Spring cleaning bathrooms, cabins, kitchens and other common areas
  • Washing curtains, covers, and other fabrics
  • Cleaning and polishing wooden surfaces, objects, and upholstery
  • Decluttering to discard or donate unnecessary papers, objects, supplies, and items

  • When to Hire Professionals for Office Cleaning?

    There are times when it is best to take the assistance of a reputed cleaning company because they have the experience, tools, products, and skilled labour to undertake strenuous cleaning and sanitising jobs. Some of the scenarios when professional cleaners should be contacted are mentioned below.

    When moving office

    If you have a rented office space, then at the end of lease bond cleaning needs to be done to procure the security deposit without deductions. At this time, it is wise to hire professional cleaners to perform end of lease cleaning in Sydney.

    Furthermore, when moving to a new office, it is wise to hire professional cleaners to deeply purge the workplace because sometimes a property may look clean, but it requires thorough sanitisation and disinfection.

    After an infection or disease breakout

    If a lot of office worker have fallen sick due to an infection or contagious disease, you should get the office cleaned and disinfected to manage the risk of staff members and clients getting infected. This step is necessary because offices have numerous communal areas, common points of contacts, and several people working in confined spaces.

    There is mould 

    Getting rid of mould is difficult if it has affected a significant amount of area. Under such circumstances, it is best to hire professional cleaners on Sydney offering mould removal services. Mould is a major cause of allergies and respiratory issues which is why it is unsuitable to work in an office that is affected.

    The office has pests

    For business owners with pest infested offices calling experts is necessary as pests can spread diseases, cause structural damage, and bite office workers. If your office has a pest problem, then get in touch with a reputed end of lease cleaning company in Sydney providing pest control solutions at affordable rates.

    Note: When hiring professional cleaners, ensure they use bio-degradable products and have eco-friendly cleaning equipment. In addition, inquire if they clean and sanitise according to REINSW standards.

    Wrapping Up

    A clean and sanitary office is conducive for the mental and physical health of every worker. A neat workspace helps employees perform better, maintain productivity, and feel less stressed. In addition, if your office is clean, it helps make a good impression on clients. Therefore, make sure to follow the above mentioned daily, weekly, and monthly checklist by the reputed end of lease cleaners in Sydney.