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How to Clean an Office in 7 Simple Steps?

How to Clean an Office in 7 Simple Steps?
  • Hannah
  • Jun 04 2018
Commercial office space get dirty and unhygienic quickly due to the high footfall and busy working environment. If you want to your employees to take sick leaves less, make sure you keep your office space clean on a regular basis. From stairs to lift, reception to conference rooms, workstations to cabins, kitchen to bathrooms – keep every area clean and germ-free.

Well, hiring a reliable and experienced commercial cleaning company in Sydney can make your work easier. But make sure you keep the following simple tips in mind while getting your commercial space cleaned. Your activeness and involvement as a responsible business owner encourage your employees to keep their desk and surroundings clean.

So, follow these simple commercial cleaning tricks and improve the productivity, efficiency and working environment of your office.

1. Vacuum Cleaning is Vital

Regardless of the size of your commercial space, it is vital to keep your communal areas such as reception and lobby neat and clean. This helps in maintaining the positive impression on the existing clients and customers when they visit your office.

So, it is imperative to vacuum your floors, furniture and other muddy areas of your office on a daily basis. Try to keep your heavy-traffic areas such as reception clean and organised. A vacuum cleaning helps you fetch all the dust particles; hair dandles, footprints, mud and bacteria in seconds. And the best part is that you can use this method to clean your dirty carpets and rugs as well.

Tip: Include vacuum cleaning in your daily commercial cleaning checklist.

2. De-cluttering Papers

Paper is the biggest culprit when it comes to dealing with commercial cleaning. Having piles of loose receipts, documents, files and notes on the desk makes your office looks messy. It not only annoys but also affects your employee’s working efficiency. If you want your employees to do their best, then encourage them to organise all the papers into separate piles. Instead of leaving everything on the desk, compile all of them together and keep them inside the drawer. Though this seems simple, most of the people overlook while cleaning their commercial space. So, make sure you add this step to your existing office cleaning checklist.

3. Clean up The Workstations

Every business owner wants their employees to be productive. The efficiency, dedication and focus of each employee depend on the entire working environment. A neat, clean and hygienic workplace not only enhances the employee’s productivity but also maintains the healthy atmosphere in the office.

If you want to keep your office clean, make sure all your workstations are clutter and germ free. Since employees spend all their time on their desk, they keep it dirty and cluttered because of the busy work schedule. You can do the following things to keep the workstations clean:
  • Compile all loose papers and keep them in the drawers
  • Never eat or drink on your desk
  • Get rid of knickknacks and other office accessories.
  • Introduce cleaning activities to encourage your employees to keep their surroundings clean.
  • Let your employees clean their desk before they leave.

4. Keeping Hardware System Clean

Computers and keyboards attract all the dust and dirt particles. And when you touch, the germs and bacteria directly transmit to the body – this is unhygienic, which affects the productivity and quality of work. Being a business owner, it is your responsibility to keep your workspace, computers, keyboards and other commercial furniture and items clean and germ-free.

You can hire the professional commercial cleaning company in Sydney who can give you a clean working environment using eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Or else, ask your cleaning team to remove dust and dirt by wiping off the computers and keywords using effective cleaning solutions. Do it once or twice in a week to see better results.

5. Disinfecting Toilets

When it comes to maintaining the healthy and hygienic environment of an office, keep the toilet area on the top of your cleaning list. Since it is a high-traffic area, make sure you keep it cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis. Keep the door knobs, wash basin, taps, toilet seat and floor clean.

For air duct cleaning, hire a professional commercial cleaning company in Sydney. They carry the best equipment, tools and technique for thorough cleaning. Plus, they are equipped with a team of professionally-trained cleaners who will assist you in your specific cleaning needs.

6. Sanitising Pantry or Kitchen Area

Pantry or kitchen is one of the dirtiest areas in an office. The stubborn stains, leftover food and other spills on the countertops can cause some serious diseases. So, make sure you keep a kitchen clean on a regular basis.
  • Remove dust and stubborn stains from countertops
  • Keep the corners of stove clean and grime-free
  • Thoroughly clean sink and cupboards
  • Keep the dishes clean all the time.
You can do all this to maintain the cleaning aspect of your office kitchen with ease.

7. Mopping the Floor

Yes, mopping is one of the most vital cleaning aspects that you can’t miss if you want a thorough commercial cleaning. Mopping the floors thoroughly not only makes your office look clean but also keeps the entire working environment hygienic.


A neat, clean and organised workplace helps you get most out of your in-house team. Regular cleaning not only increases the visual appearance but also improve the productivity of your employees. For thorough and professional cleaning, hire a commercial cleaning company like Bond Cleaning Sydney. They have the right tools and technologies to ensure you 100 % cleaning satisfaction.