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How To Deep Clean Your Fridge?

How To Deep Clean Your Fridge?
  • Hannah
  • Nov 03 2020
Your fridge is the most costly and useful kitchen appliance, but it doesn’t get much attention when it comes to cleaning. The negligence can allow the food residue and stains to build upon the outside surface as well as inner drawers and shelves.

Moreover, when you forgot to toss the perishable food items at the right time, you get a bad smell every time you open the door. That is why you should clean it thoroughly, and the procedure is not that difficult.

However, if you are moving out of the rental property, then you should hire experienced professionals to get the best end of lease cleaning in Sydney. They clean the entire kitchen thoroughly, including the inside, outside and behind the fridge, if it’s applicable. Allow them to get the job done so you can focus on other essential things.

If you want to clean it on your own, you need to follow some guidelines. It will help you to accomplish the task perfectly and in a hassle-free manner. Read on to know more about how to deep clean your fridge.

Prepare To Clean Your Fridge

Before you clean the appliance, you must gather all the supplies. It will save your time and let you focus on the cleaning process. You also need to defrost your freezer. Otherwise, you won’t be able to clean the refrigerator properly.

Gather Your Supplies

Here is a list of things that you will most likely to need to clean the appliance thoroughly.

  • Old towel to cover floor

  • Baking soda, liquid dish soap and vinegar

  • Sponge or rags

  • Butter knife or putty knife

  • Vacuum Cleaner

  • Turn off the Appliance

    It is essential to turn off the fridge before you clean it because it will prevent any electric shock. If you find it difficult to disconnect the power source, you can also turn off the main switch of your house. Place an old towel on the floor to protect it from water and cleaning solutions.

    Take All Your Food Out

    Take out all food items from your refrigerator so that you can clean the inner surface properly. It will also give you a chance to sort out things and toss anything that is already expired. It will make thing more organised in a clean refrigerator.

    Defrost the Freezer

    The easiest way of defrosting a freezer is to unplug the appliance and leave the door open. It might take around an hour for the ice to melt on its own. If you want to make things a little quicker, you can simply put a fan near the freezer.

    Cleaning the Interior of Fridge

    From dirt and spill to food stains, numerous things accumulate inside a refrigerator. Thus, it is essential to clean it from time to time. You should also clean it before moving out because a wet and dirty appliance can allow mildew to grow in the interior.

    If you want to save time, you can contact a company to get reliable end of lease cleaning in Sydney. The professional clean the entire kitchen and if applicable, the inside and out of the refrigerator. Follow the steps if you want to clean it using DIY methods.

    Take Out Removable Parts of Fridge

    Take out shelves, drawers and other detachable parts from the appliance and clean them separately. First, soak them into the sink filled with hot water and baking soda. It will remove the bad odour and loosen any dirt. Then use a sponge and liquid dish soap to clean them properly. To get rid of any stubborn stains, use a butter knife.

    Wipe the Inside of the Freezer

    Once all the ice in the freezer is melt, you should remove the water. So, wipe the freezer with a clean cloth to make sure the spot is not at all wet. If there are any stains, use a toothbrush.

    Clean Inside Of the Fridge

    To clean the inside of the appliance, you can prepare a solution using water and baking soda. Then spray the solution on the surface and use a sponge to scrub. Follow top to bottom approach to prevent any drips from landing on a surface that is already cleaned. To clean the nook and cranny, use a toothbrush or toothpick.

    Dry Inside

    Once you have thoroughly cleaned the interior surface of the refrigerator and satisfied with the result, make sure that you make it completely dry. For that, use a clean, dry cloth and wipe all the corners properly.

    Remove Dirt from Door Gaskets

    To clean the gasket, you can use the combination of vinegar and water. After cleaning it, use any mineral oil, lemon oil or any lotion to keep it supple.

    Clean the Exterior of Fridge

    After cleaning the interior, it is time to remove dirt from the outer surface. Start from the top of the appliance and clean all the sides one by one.

    Remove the Dust and Dirt from the Surface

    First, clean the dust with the help of a microfiber cloth. Then use a cleaning solution made of liquid dish soap and water to remove the stubborn dirt and stains. Scrub with a sponge and wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

    Clean the Backside of Refrigerator

    This spot accumulates the maximum amount of dust, so make sure you clean it thoroughly. Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the dust.

    Disinfect the Handle

    After thoroughly cleaning all the sides of the refrigerator, disinfect the handle of the appliance to make sure that it is free from all kinds of germs and diseases. You can use disinfectant wipes to sanitise the handle.


    To clean a kitchen appliance like a fridge, you need to make proper planning, follow the right methods and use homemade cleaners. However, during relocation, cleaning it can be a challenge so you should hire experienced end of lease cleaners in Sydney. They can save your precious time and accomplish the task in the best possible manner.