Methylated Spirits Vs Isopropyl Alcohol For Cleaning


Methylated Spirits Vs Isopropyl Alcohol For Cleaning

By : Kate Windle
Treating stubborn stains, built-up grease, mould and mildew from different surfaces around a home requires effective cleaning products. Traditional products containing hazardous chemicals and toxic fumes can leave a carbon footprint in the indoor and outdoor air.

If you want to use good cleaning solvents that are comparatively safe and effective, use methylated spirits and Isopropyl alcohol. These two can help you clean a house like a pro.

However, there is a misconception that methylated spirits and Isopropyl alcohol can be used interchangeably, as both are alcoholic liquids. It is important to know the common difference between these two products before getting into the house cleaning process.

The key difference is that methylated spirit has ethyl alcohol mixed with methanol and other elements, while isopropyl alcohol is a pure alcoholic liquid.

Many professional cleaners use these products while carrying out quality end of lease cleaning Sydney to deliver sparkling results.

Here is a detailed comparison to help you know the cleaning benefits of these alcoholic liquids:

Methylated Spirits Vs Isopropyl Alcohol: Key Differences


Methylated Spirits

It is a liquid made from alcohol and other chemical components, such as methanol, benzene, methyl isobutyl ketone, etc. Some chemicals, such as methanol, can be highly toxic and unsuitable for human consumption. It is commonly used as a fuel in heaters and small lamps. It can also help you remove stains and grime.  It is a flammable liquid  or combustible substance , so be careful when sprucing up your house.

Isopropyl Alcohol

It is a pure alcohol, having the molecular formula C3H8O. It contains no other chemical or toxic components. Unfortunately, it is a flammable chemical compound, so keep it away from kids and pets. Isopropyl alcohol is commonly found in hand sanitisers, cleaners and pharmaceuticals.


 Methylated spirits are a strongly violet-coloured liquid often used to fire steam-powered boats and locomotives. It can also be used to clean stains and grime from different surfaces.

On the other hand, Isopropyl alcohol is a colourless alcohol liquid that is used to kill harmful germs and bacteria from surfaces.  Make sure you keep such products away from your elders as it can lead to various health hazards due to weak immunity. Instead, follow simple house cleaning tips for  seniors and maintain a healthy indoor environment.


Methylated spirits or denatured alcohol have a slightly acrid odour. However, the best part is that the smell evaporates and dissipates quickly- leaving nothing behind.

Isopropyl alcohol has a pungent and musty odour that can irritate your nostrils. Therefore, leave your doors and windows open when cleaning with IPA.

Trained end of lease cleaners Sydney always wear a face mask and gloves when using alcoholic liquids and other cleaning products.

Cleaning Purpose

Methylated Spirits

Denatured alcohol has a ton of cleaning benefits because it comes with great features. You can use it to clean and disinfect:

  • Glass and mirrors
  • Showerhead and walls
  • Remove Mould and Mildew
  • Kitchen appliances, such as microwave, oven and fridge
  • It works wonders in removing ink and other stubborn stains from carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture and non-porous surfaces. You can use other natural methods to remove water stains from your leather furniture and other stuff. Do not use corrosive cleaners.

Isopropyl Alcohol or IPA

  • You can use it around your home for:
  • Removing built-up grease from different surfaces
  • Fingerprints
  • Lethal germs, like COVID-19 and other bacteria
  • It kills 99.99 per cent of germs within 20 seconds after applying it on the contaminated surface. IPA works by damaging the cell wall of germs and prevent it from coming back.

How to Use Methylated Spirits to Clean Your House?

You can use denatured alcohol to spruce up your house like a pro. Since it has different components of chemicals, make sure you dilute it with water when applying it on surfaces. You can take 80 per cent of methylated spirits and 20 per cent of water. Pour this mixture into the spray and apply it over the mould and mildew areas.

Leave it for a few minutes and wipe it off with a clean cloth. Make sure you rinse and dry the area properly.

It is a neutral cleaner and can be used on natural stone surfaces, chrome taps, ceramic and grout areas without causing any damage to the surface.

Note: Do not use it on painted walls or polished furniture.

Caution when Cleaning with Methylated Spirits:

Make sure you open windows and doors for proper ventilation. Also, keep it away from kids.

How to Clean a House Using Isopropyl Alcohol?

Isopropyl Alcohol is one of the best disinfectants to help you kill germs and bacteria. It is good to use 70 per cent of IPA and 30 per cent of water to kill fungus, germs, bacteria and viruses.  You can spray the diluted IPA to remove built-up grease stains from different surfaces with ease.

Of course, 99 per cent of IPA is purer, but it won’t help you kill germs and germs. You can use rubbing alcohol as well because it has 70 per cent of IPA and can help disinfect contaminated surfaces around your home.

Caution When Using at Home:

It is a flammable product and can irritate your nose and throat. So, it is always good to wear gloves and a face mask when using.

You can book experts for a thorough end of lease clean Sydney if you don’t want to get into any rental conflict with your landlord due to half-baked cleaning. They will take care of every single aspect in a safe manner.

Wrapping Up

There is no denying that methylated spirits and Isopropyl alcohol are alcoholic liquids that can help you clean and disinfect your house with ease. However, both have different characteristics, usages and cleaning benefits. The tips mentioned above in the article will help you maintain a clean and germ-free house using these two wonderful products.