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5 Most Common Accidents That Occur While House Cleaning

5 Most Common Accidents That Occur While House Cleaning
  • Hannah
  • Oct 21 2021
Cleaning your house regularly is imperative to maintain household hygiene at all times and have a home healthy. Every day you should perform specific tasks to prevent dust, dirt and grime and keep your house germ free.

Developing a daily cleaning routine and doing chores until they become habits helps tremendously. However, when sanitising your home, you have to be careful to avoid injuries and health hazards, as they are more common than people realise.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, falls (42%) are the biggest cause of injures in Australia, requiring hospitalisation followed by injuries by contact with objects.

Therefore, if you are ending a tenancy and need to deep clean your rental property, hire professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney to sanitise your home safely.

To avoid injuries for maintaining general household hygiene, look at this complete guide listing the five most common accidents that occur while house cleaning.

1. Getting Exposed To Harmful Chemicals

Most commercial cleaners and disinfectants contain harmful chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like sodium hypochlorite, ammonia, xylene, formaldehyde, acetate, bleach, lye, hydrochloric acid etc.

Many of these chemicals are corrosive and release toxic fumes when applied on household surfaces or objects. Without personal protective equipment, your eyes, nose, mouth, and skin are prone to exposure causing severe allergic reactions, irritation, coughing, asthma and severe respiratory conditions.

Therefore, make sure to wear masks, goggles and coveralls like professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney to keep your eyes, nose and skin from burning. Additionally, wear the gears to prevent accidental inhalation of harmful fumes that can cause breathing issues or hospitalisation.

2. Slipping On Wet Floors Or Spilled Products

One of the most common accidents while house cleaning is slipping and falling due to wet floors or spilled cleaning solutions. Therefore, use liquid detergents, soapy water, disinfectants and other sanitisers carefully to avoid spillage. Here are some precautions you can take to avoid accidental spills and falls.

  • Don’t walk on wet floors and discourage household members as well.
  • Keep rooms well ventilated and turn on fans to dry surfaces quickly
  • Clean spilled cleaning solutions immediately.
  • Don’t use leaky containers, buckets, spray bottles etc.
  • Avoid wiping floors with extremely wet mops.

  • 3. Suffering Muscle Pulls & Strain Injuries

    While cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces or moving heavy furniture or bulky items, it is common to pull your muscles and sustain strain injuries accidentally. Minor sprains and strains heal in a few days, and you can apply ointments or warm/cold compress for relief. However, major injuries require medical attention immediately, and they can hamper your daily life operations and work.

    To avoid them, use smart cleaning tools like vacuum cleaners, squeegees/sponges with telescopic handles, adjustable mops, drill brush sets etc. Professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney use smart cleaning equipment.

    Additionally, they use the right techniques to move furniture and other bulky items. Therefore, you should always slide heavy items, pick things with the strength of your legs and employ other techniques to move household items while cleaning.

    4. Electrocution From Damaged Equipment

    If your vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, pressure washing machine or any other electrical cleaning equipment is damaged, don’t use it until fully repaired. Accidental electrocution is possible when the equipment has protruding wires, broken buttons, wonky handles, or other faults.

    Additionally, it can happen when water or moisture gets inside the equipment and fries the electronic system. If you see smoke or sparks coming from a machine when you plug it in, immediately turn off the main power supply of the house and safely unplug the equipment wearing gloves.

    5. Getting Cuts, Scrapes, Bruises & Burns

    During house cleaning, it is extremely common for people to cut their hands, get scrapes on legs/knees/elbows, develop bruises on arms/legs and sustain burns. These accidents can happen while cleaning hard to reach surfaces, glass fixtures or mirrors, metal objects etc. Injuries can also occur while moving household items or using heavy cleaning equipment.

    Therefore, make sure you are covered head to toe, especially while deep cleaning your house. Wear gloves, overalls, to shoes to prevent your hands, feet, arms, legs, and other body parts from getting cuts, scrapes, burns and bruises while cleaning. Also, always read the safety instructions on cleaning products, tools and equipment to use them correctly.


    Cleaning house routinely is necessary to keep every household member healthy and your home germ-free. However, you have to be careful because the aforementioned accidents can occur anytime and put your health at risk.

    If you are ending a tenancy, consider hiring professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney to reduce stress and your chances of getting injured while cleaning. For general house sanitation, wear protective gear and take proper safety measures to avoid mishaps.