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How To Clean And Organise Your Home For Christmas

How To Clean And Organise Your Home For Christmas
  • Hannah
  • Oct 29 2021
With family members, close friends and loved ones planning to visit your home during the festive season, make sure you make your abode look clean and inviting. This is an excellent opportunity for you to show off a beautiful home to your friends and relatives.

Getting rid of dust, dirt, spills, stains, grime, and foul odours should be your topmost priority when preparing your living space for Christmas. Of course, the holiday season can be hectic, but you can focus on the positive aspects that can keep you feel energetic and positive.

If you are moving out of a rented property during this time, make sure you book the trained professionals in advance for a hassle-free end of lease cleaning in Sydney. They will leave no signs of dirt and stains behind to help you get the full bond back without any dispute.

You can also clean and organise your home for Christmas by keeping a few pro tips in mind.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Start with the Mudroom

Clean and organise your mudroom or front closet if you want to leave a great first impression on your guests. Remove accumulated dust, dirt and grime from the drawers and walls of your mudroom. Clean and organise your shoe rack, organise all the boots and shoes, hats using boxes and baskets.

You can use vertical storage items to make your mudroom look more organised. Also, clean the floors and vacuum the rugs/mats.

2. Spruce up Hard Surfaces

From ceiling walls to baseboards, light switches to lamps, picture frames to cupboards and cabinets, make sure you wipe all these surfaces before decorating your home for Christmas.

Use microfiber cloths and dusters to get rid of accumulated dust particles and allergens. You can prepare a homemade cleaning solution using white vinegar, dishwashing soap, and warm water for stubborn stains and grime.

Spray the solution on the affected surface and wipe it off using a clean cloth. For wooden surfaces, you can use dishwashing soap and warm water.

You can also hire a good company for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Sydney if you want to pass the rental inspection. They will clean everything to help you impress your fussy landlord.

3. Clean the Guest Room

Christmas is all about carol songs, delicious cake, and whole night party. If friends or family members are staying planning to stay overnight, get the guest room ready. Start from the top and make your way down towards windows, blinds, mattress, side tables, baseboards, etc. Also, wash bed linens, including bed sheets, duvet covers, pillow covers, etc.  Make sure you sweep and mop the floors.

You can also consider the room-by-room house cleaning checklist to make your home look presentable when guests arrive on Christmas Eve.

4. De-grease Your Oven/ Microwave

The festive season is incomplete without delicious delicacies. People love baking cakes, lasagne, potato bake, pudding, etc to celebrate Christmas Eve with their loved loves. Before you get into the baking mode, make sure you deep clean your oven and microwave.

Remove built-up grease, burnt food particles, stubborn stains, sauce splatters, etc from the interiors of your appliance using a natural cleaning agent. You can use the white vinegar and warm water solution to bring back the lost shine of your oven and BBQ.

You can also prefer hiring professional oven/BBQ cleaners in Sydney for a thorough cleaning. That way you can pay more attention to other tasks related to the festival.

5. Sparkle Your Windows

Don’t forget to clean your window sills, frames and edges in your home using safe and sound products. Start the process by eliminating dust particles, grime and dirt from your windows using a dry cloth. Use a brush (an old toothbrush) to get rid of accumulated dust in the cervices and tracks.

After that, spray the white vinegar solution on the window glass and run a squeegee to remove excess soap residue and water. This will leave your windows to look sparkling clean without any streaks.

6. Freshen Up Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are the most important area when you are preparing your home for Christmas. It is good to deep clean every nook and cranny, including the showerheads, shower glass, walls, tiles, tile grouts, bathtub, toilet seats, counter, sink, taps, doorknobs and floors using eco-friendly products.

You can freshen up the bathtub, tiles and other surfaces using baking soda, and it can help you get rid of bad odours with ease.

7. Revamp Your Carpets

Most people in Sydney take their carpets and rugs for granted. Being an expensive investment, carpets also need regular care and maintenance. Due to the huge amount of footfall, accumulated dust, allergens and accidental spills, your floor coverings may look dull and dirty.

So, before the festive season, you should get your carpets cleaned professionally. You can avail steam cleaning or shampoo cleaning services to bring back the lost shine of your plush carpets and rugs.


Preparing an abode for Christmas needs time, energy and the right supplies. With the help of these tips, you can spruce up your beautiful house and invite your friends and relatives for the celebration. If you are at the end of your tenancy, take assistance from a professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney to get your full bond back. That way, you can also enjoy the entire festive season with your family.