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How to Clean Glass Light Fixtures in Your Home?

How to Clean Glass Light Fixtures in Your Home?
  • Hannah
  • Jul 16 2020
The glass light fixtures not only protect the light bulb but also enhance the beauty of your room. However, as they are placed at a height, people cannot clean them regularly. As a result, the fixtures accumulate a lot of dust and start to look dull and unattractive. Thus, it is essential to clean them from time to time.

Many people hire professionals who provide end of lease cleaning in Sydney. They clean the entire house thoroughly, including the glass light fixtures of all the rooms.

However, you can also do it on your own! All you need is to follow the right procedure and be a little careful. Here is in-depth information on how to clean glass light fixtures in your home. Lets’ have a look!

Cleaning the Glass Light Fixtures Yourself

The first and most common way to clean glass light fixtures in your home is to do it manually. Take some time out from your busy schedule and clean such spots that accumulate a lot of dust, dust mites and dirt. Follow the procedure mentioned below.

Make sure the light is off
If the light is on, make sure that you turn off the light and wait for a few minutes before cleaning it. This short duration will allow the glass fixture to cool down. If the light bulb is becoming a hurdle in the way of cleaning the glass, unscrew and remove it and then clean the glass.

Place something underneath the light fixture
Glass light fixture is one of those spots that quickly accumulate a lot of dust. So before you clean it, cover the floor where the dust and grime will drop. Use an old bedsheet, plastic sheet, towel or something similar and place it underneath the light fixture.

Use a step ladder
The glass light fixtures in your home are usually at a height, so you need to step on something to reach the spot. You can use a step ladder or chair to reach the glass. If you find it difficult, you can hire professionals to clean it perfectly.

Dust off the glass
Now, you need to remove the dust from the glass light fixtures. So take a microfiber and clean it from top to bottom. You should also dust any metal or plastic parts attached to the glass fixture. It is crucial to clean the loose dirt so that you can adequately clean the stuck-on grime.

Remove the stubborn dirt
Once you have removed the loose dust, it is time to clean the stubborn dirt from its surface. Dip a microfiber cloth into a bowl with warm water and wring it properly to remove excess water. Then wipe down the entire glass fixture from top to bottom. It will look as clean as a new one.

Cleaning the Glass Light Fixtures in Dishwasher

If you don’t have enough time to clean it manually, or you need a more thorough cleaning, you can use your dishwasher to clean it perfectly. There are numerous things that you can clean in the dishwasher, and your glass light fixture is one of them.

Remove the glass light fixtures
The first thing you need to do is to remove the glass fixture. However, before you do that, make sure that you have turned off the switch and if there is a power cord, unplug it. You should never take any chance with electrical devices. Now, remove the glass carefully.

Put it into the dishwasher
Place the glass fixture somewhere in the upper rack of the dishwasher, so it doesn’t move around during the washing. If you are washing it with a load of dishes, make sure nothing else is touching it. Ideally, you should clean it without anything. Use your usual detergent and wash cycle.

Wipe off the water
Once you are done with cleaning of the glass fixture take it out of the dishwasher before the dry cycle start. It is important because the high heat, which is appropriate for the dishes and glasses, can damage the delicate glass fixture. So, it is always beneficial to towel-dry it.

Put it back in its place
When you are satisfied with its cleaning, put it back in its place. If you don’t want to fingerprints and smudges on the clean glass, it is advisable to handle it with a towel or gloves when you are putting it back. Experts who carry out end of lease cleaning in Sydney also take this precaution.

Hire Professionals

People who don’t have enough time to deep clean their home, not aware of the right cleaning ways, or those who find it difficult to clean spots like glass light fixtures, ceiling fan, etc. should opt for professionals.

Several reputed companies provide reliable end of lease cleaning in Sydney at a cost-effective price. The professionals have expertise in cleaning fragile items like glass light fixtures. They use their skill and experience to get the job done quickly and flawlessly.

The Bottom Line

Glass light fixtures are not only delicate but can be costly. So, you must handle and clean it carefully. Follow the methods mentioned here to clean them perfectly without causing any damage to them. If you don’t want to take any chance with your costly and fragile glass fixtures, contact experts who carry out end of lease cleaning in Sydney.