How To Clean Light Fixtures Both Inside And Out

cropped picture of a person sprucing up light fixtures

How To Clean Light Fixtures Both Inside And Out

By : Kate Windle

Cleaning the light fixtures might not be one of the preferred chores for the majority of people. However, it is one of the easiest ways to brighten up your rooms! The accumulated dust, dirt, dead bugs, and other grime covers the light bulbs, and fixtures, reducing the flow of the light.

As a result, the fixtures look dull, and all the rooms become darker during the night. Therefore, it is essential to clean the fixtures in a flawless manner. However, cleaning them by following DIY methods can be a little risky.

A little bit of mistake or negligence can damage the light fixtures. Therefore, many people prefer to hire professionals who offer the best end of lease cleaning in Sydney.

They also provide additional services like spring cleaning and only use eco-friendly products. So, let them clean the light fittings in the best possible manner along with other household surfaces. If you want to get the job done on your own in a safe manner, then you would need some guidance.

Read on to know more about how to clean light fixtures both inside and out.

Cleaning Light Fixtures with Duster

The easiest way to clean the light fitting is by using a microfibre duster. Follow the steps to remove the dust and dirt effectively.

Turn Off the Light 

It is always advisable to turn off the electrical items before you try to remove dust from them or perform any maintenance. It will prevent any damage to the light bulb during the dusting and wiping and also protect you from any electric shock.

Lay a Sheet under the Light Fixture 

Place a towel on the floor underneath the light fixture that you will clean. Lay a towel down on the counter or table if the light fixture is above a counter or table. If you don’t have any urgent work in your hand, then try to clean the cover immediately after the move.

Stand On a Step Ladder 

If you are unable to reach the light fixtures directly, you can use a step ladder. Many people use a chair with wheels to stand on it, but you must not make such a mistake. Such ladders are easily available in the nearby market in Sydney, New South Wales.

Dust-Off the Surface

Use a microfibre duster to clean or remove the dust present on the surface. Stand on the step leader and hold the light fixture with one hand carefully. Then wipe off the outer surface of the fixture with a microfiber cloth.

Remove the Stubborn Dirt 

After removing the loose dust and dirt, it is time to get rid of the stubborn dirt from the surface. Therefore, you need to use a dampened piece of cloth and wipe the inside and outside of the fixture with it.

Washing Light Fixtures in Dishwasher

You can also use your dishwasher to clean your light fittings in a safe manner. If you need to clean the fixture to get back the bond money, you should contact professionals who offer thorough end of lease cleaning in Sydney, New South Wales. To wash it in the dishwasher, follow these steps.

Turn Off the Light 

Many people get electric shocks while cleaning the light fixtures. It is one of the most common accidents that occur while house cleaning. Therefore, it is always crucial to switch off the lights.

Place the Light Fixture inside the Dishwasher

Stand on a step ladder to remove the light. If there are screws, then keep them carefully. Carefully place the fixture inside the dishwasher. Make sure that you do not clean too many things together; otherwise, the fixture can get damaged.

Wash the Fixture Properly

Use the dishwasher detergent that you generally use to clean the dishwasher. Run a water cycle to remove the stubborn dirt from its surface.

Take Out and Dry It

After the rinse cycles are complete, pause your dishwasher before the dry cycle begins. Take out the light fixture and dry it using a clean, soft and dry towel. The high heat produced by a dry cycle of the appliance can damage the delicate glass. So, it is better if you hand-dry the light fittings.

Put It Back At Its Place

Put the light fixture back at its place with care. If you have removed any screws, then also put them back at their place. To prevent leaving fingerprints and smudges on the lampshade, hold it with gloves or a cloth when putting it back. After that, spot-clean it with a moist microfiber towel to get rid of any finger marks that you may have left behind.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning light fixtures both inside and out can be stressful if you don’t know the right way to execute the task. So, follow the steps mentioned above to remove the dust and dirt from your light fitting without any stress or hassles. If you are moving out of the rental property and want to get back the bond money, contact reliable end of lease cleaners in Sydney. They will give you the best result.