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Genius Ways to Encourage Your Children to Do Cleaning Chores

Genius Ways to Encourage Your Children to Do Cleaning Chores
  • Hannah
  • Sep 26 2020
Parents often hesitate to involve their children in the house cleaning chores. Many believe that it is their responsibility to manage the household and kids should stay out of it.

However, studies reveal that encouraging the young ones to do cleaning tasks is important for them. It makes them feel responsible, competent and develops skills like dusting, organising, and team work. Such skills can be helpful to become an independent person in future.

The secret to encourage your children to do tidying tasks is assigning them chores that suit their age and abilities. Any task that is too difficult can be frustrating or unsafe while anything too simple and easy might be boring.

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For regular dusting, here are some genius ways to motivate your kids to join you and make your home look sparkling clean.

Always Consider the Mood of Children

Before you assign any task to your kids, consider their mood. If they are upset or worried due to any reason, have a word with them and try to solve the problem first. If your kids are in the middle of a game, movie/video or any similar activity, wait for them to finish it.

Let them know you need their help in some household chores, so they can join you when they are done. If you try to impose any task without knowing about their mood, it could be annoying for them.

Explain the Importance of a Clean Home

To encourage the young ones in helping you to get rid of dust and dirt from the house, you must explain to them the importance of a clean home. Allow your young ones to stay close when you are dusting a surface and also take some time to explain things.

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Make the Chores Fun for Kids

Nobody enjoys tasks like clearout the clutter, sweeping the floor, dusting the table, furniture, etc. and kids are no different. So, it is essential to explore different ways to make the tasks look interesting.

Parents can assign their children a list of chores and organise a friendly competition. Another way to make the task fun is to play their favourite songs during the task. Stick to audio tracks because videos can be distracting.

Assign Task as per Their Ability

You cannot encourage your kids to perform a chore if it is too difficult for them. So, always keep in mind the age factor before assigning a task. For instance, the task for preschoolers should be limited to picking up their toys every day, taking their dishes back to the kitchen after a meal and other similar things.

School-age children should know how to keep their toys, book, colours, etc. in an organised manner. However, taking the help of kids to clean the rental property at the end of lease can be a very bad idea. You need experienced professionals to get a reliable end of lease cleaning in Sydney.

Reward Your Children

Assigning a few tasks to your kids can take some strain off you. However, this reason might not be good enough to motivate them to pitch in and clean the house. Whether they ask for it or not, kids always expect some appreciation and rewards from their parent.

So, you should always thank them for their efforts and reward them from time to time. The reward can be a family outing, a movie, going to a nearby restaurant, their preferred toys and so on.

Get Right Size Tools for Children

Many young children love to get involved with their parents when they clean the house. These household activities often strengthen parent-child bonding. However, a lot of tools are too heavy, large, or awkward for a young child to use safely and appropriately.

This factor can discourage them from participating, but there is a solution. Nowadays, companies are manufacturing tools, particularly design for young ones. Some of these small size tools are functional, while some are only for fun.

Never Use Chores as Punishment

Whether your kids misbehave, fight with a sibling or does anything wrong, never use any dusting or scrubbing tasks as a punishment. This might develop a fear or hate for cleaning chores and this perspective can be very difficult to change in future.

You can stop them from watching television or playing their favourite game for a while but never impose any household dusting tasks. Also, you should never raise your voice or show disappointment or frustration if they fail to clean a spot properly. It can discourage them and make them hate such tasks.

Final Thoughts

Involving your young ones to do the chores becomes a challenge when you try to force it on them. You need to encourage them by explaining the concept as much as possible, making the tasks more interesting, and giving rewards.

You should never expect perfection from them because the idea is to develop an interest in cleaning. To get the best result, hire experts who carry out end of lease cleaning in Sydney.