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What Is the Difference Between Domestic And Commercial Cleaning?

What Is the Difference Between Domestic And Commercial Cleaning?
  • Hannah
  • Jul 27 2020
Over the decades, the term cleaning has gained a lot of traction due to people becoming more aware of the benefits of sanitation. Today, everyone knows the importance of keeping their surroundings clean and disinfected.

Regular cleaning helps prevent sick building syndrome, has a high impact on health, and makes a place safe to occupy. Due to the traction sanitation of properties has gained, the cleaning industry has boomed and offers a host of services under two primary categories which are domestic and commercial cleaning.

Want to know what the difference is between them? Here is your complete guide by professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney outlining points that distinguish one type of cleaning from the other.

Target Property

One of the most significant differences between domestic and commercial cleaning as the names also suggest is where they are performed. The target properties for domestic cleaning are residential such as houses and apartments, whereas for commercial cleaning is performed at properties like offices, warehouses, commercial units.


The scale of commercial cleaning is greater than domestic cleaning because one is performed at houses or apartments and the other is performed at office spaces, workshops, and commercial units.

For residential sanitisation generally, one-three experts are required, but for commercial cleaning, the number can be higher depending on the size of the workspace.

Who Performs the Cleaning?

Usually, regular sanitary chores associated with domestic cleaning are done by tenants if the property is rented and the owners if the property is personal. For deep cleaning people who lack the time or the energy hire professionals via cleaning companies offering a variety of services such as spring cleaning, end of lease cleaning, carpet shampooing, wall washing and many others.

Tenants who are at the end of their tenancies opt for hiring professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney to perform the challenging and time-consuming task of purging the entire property, and also because professionals offer a complete bond back guarantee.

Commercial cleaning is either performed by a company’s in-house cleaning staff or professionals hired via a reputed cleaning company in Sydney. Most business owners who rent a commercial property take the assistance of end of lease cleaning experts in Sydney who offer bond cleaning packages for commercial spaces.

Cleaning Supplies and Tools

Considering commercial cleaning is performed on a larger scale, the supplies and tools required are industrial grade, powerful, and robust. Professionals who provide commercial cleaning services in Sydney have access to huge vacuum cleaners, floor sanitisers, pressure washing machines, steam cleaners, and etc.

In addition, they only use cleaners and disinfectants approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Residential cleaning services providers utilise general household cleaners and tools which include dusters, vacuum cleaners, brushes, sponges etc. Many experts even use natural ingredients like baking soda, white vinegar, essential oils, lemon, and salt, for sanitising and freshening homes safely.

Training and Skills

Although training and skills are required for rendering both types of cleaning services, more effort goes into commercial sanitisation than domestic. Therefore, companies and business owners may ask commercial cleaners for certifications and documentation stating they are trained for performing cleaning jobs at workplaces.

They also need to operate heavy and industrial-grade equipment for which special training and skill utilisation is necessary.

Domestic cleaners usually don’t require extensive credentials and usually get sanitation jobs based on years of experience, reviews, background checks, and other factors. Many people can even freelance as domestic cleaners if they have the passion, skills, supplies, and knowledge.

Service Charges

Since commercial cleaning services are rendered on a larger scale and regularly, they are more expensive. Domestic cleaning jobs are often performed in a few hours, and people don’t require these services daily, which is why the charges are fixed and to be paid only when necessary.

Also, domestic cleaning can be managed by the members of the household without seeking professional assistance which makes it a lot more economical than commercial cleaning where hired resources are necessary.

The difference in the end of lease cleaning services in Sydney for both the sectors is substantial as well because domestic bond cleaning is less expensive and time-consuming than the commercial one.


Most homeowners or tenants manage residential cleaning themselves and only seek professional assistance when necessary. However, commercial cleaning needs to be performed by skilled and trained personnel daily, which is why companies avail the services via a reliable cleaning company through a contract.

Commercial cleaning tasks are performed by the professionals every day without any delays, whereas domestic cleaning services provided by professionals are rendered only when deemed necessary by a tenant or property owner.

The Bottom Line

Commercial and domestic cleaning are different based coverage areas, scales, service charges, frequency, and the other factors mentioned above. Domestic cleaning is usually managed by members of the household and professional are hired for special services like thorough carpet cleaning, spring cleaning or end of lease cleaning in Sydney.

Commercial cleaning, on the contrary, is performed by professionals for offices and large workspaces requiring trained resources and a reliable routine.